Military-type characters

We got Orchid for being a “military” type of character.

But is there any others that join in the KI series?

Something… “GI Joe vs Cobra”, “Captain America & Winter Soldier vs Red Skull & Baron Zemo”? Even “Judge Dredd”?

In Street Fighter, Bison seems military in that outfit with Shadoloo since its based on the ■■■■ Empire.

I do hope that they make a season 4 the characters they have created from scratch have been awesome and I would like to see what else their creative team can come up with.

You mean like bayman from dead or alive?

Those are literally my least favorite type of characters in existence along with big derpy cavemen/barbarians/He-man characters.

Though I do understand their appeal, and I am sure the IG guys could come up with an awesome one.

How about military dictators? Like Red Skull & Baron Zemo?

But we got ben and orchid (well more a spy then solider).

Pre-op Ben Ferris or an undead “natzee” soldier (I’m still flabbergasted by the fact that we can’t write that word in the forums…)

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