Mighty No 9

Another one bites the dust.

Anyone playing this crappy title?

I don’t mind all these Japanese producers/creators going solo but many of their best titles were the result of teamwork and a certain infrastructure at their old companies.

DoA Itagaki
Capcom Inafune
Next? Konami Kojima?

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The game isn’t as good as it was hyped up to be… hence why I don’t give in to the hype. And I don’t need reviewers to tell me how to feel about a game either, as I will make my own opinion about it.
I’ve been enjoying it so far. I think it’s a fun game in it’s own, but no, it’s no successor to Mega Man. The graphics are sub-par and the gameplay is rather simple, but I’m having fun playing it. ^^

I think people wanted Mega Man… and that’s not what they got, so they’re disappointed.
But we’re probably never going to get another Mega Man, due to Capcom’s situation and they’ve more or less buried the franchise down into the ground.

As for Mighty no. 9… I hope to see sequals in the future, making it more established and improved. :slight_smile:

I was excited for it, now the reviews disappoint me. I’ll pick it up soon anyway, looks like the kind of game i might enjoy even with its supposed simplicity.

Yes, I hope they can redeem themselves but a chance has been wasted imho.

I haven’t seen much about M no9, but from the reviews it seems like all hype or lack thereof aside it’s rating like a typical Megaman game. Believe it or not, but pretty much every Megaman game after X…maybe X4 being an exception, have been fairly meh in most reviewers’ eyes. So if no9 is meh as well…well it’s sitting pretty well about where I’d expect. Also, with several delays and bad PR it’s hard to say how many reviewers are really being impartial to what’s being presented to them. My guess is they’re, even if subconciously, being more critical than they would be on a similar title that didn’t have such issues and were able to keep the hype train chugging along.

Anyway, my take on it is I’m going to go into it judging on its own merits, and then decide if it’s bad or not. My guess is meh, but a somewhat enjoyable meh.

I usually don’t let review scores influence my decisions. Others may not like it, but who knows, I might.

That said, I was never really hyped about the game anyway. Never said it’s bad it seems interesting enough, it’s just that I was more excited for the likes of Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

RIP the dream of another fun Mega Man-isc game.

4 million dollar pizza explosions and high scores.


There’s always the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures games…

I actually haven’t played/seen much of it. Is it a game you’d recommend?

The AVGN Adventures games…yeah, they’re pretty neat. Mostly they’re both Mega Man clones, but as expected have tons of references to the series and classic games. They’re really hard though…a lot of cheap kills, but the controls are tight enough it’s never not your fault. The only way I wouldn’t recommend them is if the crudeness of the AVGN series turns you off…the games will do the same.

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I backed Mighty No 9, and I’ve heard about the issues plaguing it from the development cycle. I’ll reserve judgement for when I actually play it, because on my connection 8 Gbs takes a while to download, so I’m putting it on the queue to download overnight. I’ll be giving it a try soon, but I will say, my hopes are set real low at the moment, and I just hope there is some redeeming value to the gameplay.

this makes me worry bad for bloodstained ritual of the night

Why? The two games are unrelated.

i know they are totally unrelated, but i just worry that the same thing happening could be a possibility. the old beta footage of mighty no. 9 looked pretty damn good, then the final game looks all bland as hell. its a “well since they screwed up…i hope Iga and his crew dont ■■■■■ up also” type thing really

That’s the risk with Kickstarters. Surprised people haven’t learned that yet.
They invest money in a project that’s not even sure will amount to anything, and then they get angry when it doesn’t go as well as hoped. I don’t get it… Sometimes investments go bad.

indeed sir, one in particular caught my attention recently. star citizen. holy crap.

Yeah, have a friend who was so excited about it and spent alot of money on it. Ouch.
But yeah, that’s the risk of kickstarters and the like.

For what Mighty no. 9 is though… I don’t think it’s bad. But I’m sure that’s an unpopular opinion right now.

This video is a pretty good and fair review, imo:


This game made me cry like an anime fan on prom night

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It seems fine to me. Albeit I’ve only played the intro stage and most of no.2’s stage so far. It’s hard to judge right now. Honestly I’ve gotta say, the Mega Man games are real bad on the nostalgia goggle effect, and due to lack of content on that front I think it’d be safe to say that most of us that have our old favorites have probably played them to death to the point that even where they don’t flow too smoothly, your experience with them makes them flow smoothly. Mega Man 2 is brutal to a beginner, but I’ve played it so much I can breeze through with hardly a scratch…hell I hardly use the flash on the quick beam section anymore. So far to me, it’s no MM2, but it sure as hell isn’t close to MMX7 either. I’m kinda getting a MM Powered Up vibe from this game so far…seems to have a similar flow.