Microsofts Spring Sale

I saw Elder Scrolls online there for 28 euro’s I believe, worth it? Loved Skyrim, one of my all time favorite games, but this game is something totally different right…cant really get an impression on it…

This sale is bad. I need to put money in my account for season 3 but so many games I want appeared on sale. Very dangerous :smile:

To name a few…
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Need for Speed
Telltale collection
Sleeping dogs

ROTTR? How much for??

You need to get Rise of the Tomb raider regardless of the price!!! BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

I’m definitely geting it, but with season 3, saints row 4 which I just started and fallout 4 where I’m about 70% through to enjoy first I will get it later. It will get discounted again at a later time most likely.

At the moment elder scrolls online is the only one I would buy, it being only 28 euro’s or so, and my love for Skyrim still strong. However I hear the game is really something different and I dont want to be disappointed, so I’m in dubio…

They should discount BlazBlue sometime, I would get it in a heartbeat, 69,95 right now is too much though…

I would’ve on release, but I’m on a tight budget so picking and choosing the games I want to spend time on isn’t easy. I haven’t even bought Rocket League yet because I had to pre-order S3. :weary:

Rocket league is awesome, havent played it a lot though, mostly when I had mates over, is the online any good solo (for whoever plays it)?

Rise of the tomb is amazing…that is all… you wont regret it man trust me

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