Microsoft windows event 2/25/16

So i was browsing google and saw gamespot had posted an article on Win10 apps being useable on XB1. Coming sooner than expected but we all heard the rumors months ago. It got me thinking about how arbiters stage looks crazy good and being ran at 90 FPS and accounting for all future and present characters for that stage, to not drop below 90FPS.

Heres where it gets crazy:

MS for the fist time since xbox launched, took control of announcements related to KI
MS already announced Arbiter at the halo finals.
MS already announced PC cross play and "buy it once play it anywhere."
MS helped with the lighting engine

my thinking is that arbiter stage looks to dope to run on local hardware at those frames per second. with the launch of crackdown using cloud compute im betting KI will use azures cloud for resources. why only have one first party game use it?

and with iron galaxy insisting on using the phrase “only one with an ultimate in this game” phrase, might make sense using compute, cause the ultimate isnt in the game, its in the cloud.

i might be reaching here but its an idea anyways.

That’s the third or fourth time I hear of this 90fps thing. Can someone explain where it’s coming from?

Reason I ask is because I remember the devs confirming that the game had to run at 60fps on pc as well as on Xbox otherwise the timings of the moves would be broken and basically ending up with a broken game.

Can someone please elaborate on that 90fps that’s going around?

90 frames to compensate for the smooth net code and roll backs the game displays 60 fps tho.

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This here is the answer. Adam confirmed it and didn’t want people to take his words and suddenly think the game was at 90 all the time.

Okay… no my personal guess on how the Arbiter stage work is that parts of the stage pause when out of the field of view.