Microsoft tells me whats causing the PC Match Making problem

When I signed up for my account I picked US as my region however I am physically based elsewhere

Anyways Microsoft says my issue with being unable often to find players in KI is because I selected US when creating my account but I am physically based in the Caribbean.

So what do you guys think is this the cause? are any of you having this not connecting issue are you from the USA?

As somebody who loves the new KI and has spent over $100 on it over that past 2 years, I would call you a fool for spending $50 on a Free to Play game that you didn’t do your research on.

You seem like you already made up you mind about it… why are you telling everyone how salty you are???

Get your refund and play whatever you want. KI will still be Free for you to try whenever you want.

This not a free to play game.

A free to play game allows you to earn currency to buy characters. KI is a Demo but thats besides the point. The real question is if what they are saying is true about the region issue.

This reminds me of GFWL and the horrible region support and why it failed and steam ended up succeeding, I mean you can’t even use basic tings like full screen mode this game has a borderless full screen which isn’t even the same thing Windows 10 gaming really does suck compared to steam in all honesty. With this game taking 3 years to come to PC hence giving PC players a huge disadvantage over xbox one users who already mastered this game, Microsoft has to be the most Anti Windows Gaming company in the world which is ironic.

Jesus are you still making threads dude? Just refund and play something else if you hate the game so much!


All your threads start one way and go right back to the other. Please post in appropriate, already existing threads.