Microsoft and IG make Supreme edition available in Germany ! (Rant)

This is bullshit, when KI came out on windows 10 I was happy, but the first thing I saw was that it doesn’t showed the supreme edition in-game or the xbox app.
After I changed my PC region it appeared in the xbox app, and after changing my PC language it appeared in-game. But I couldn’t buy it.
When I try to buy it in-game nothing happens and when I try to buy it via the xbox app I can only buy it with a credit cart or a paypal account from US, Austria or somewhere else.
So I bought a credit cart and waited 2 weeks…


I know the Supreme Edition and the Ultra editions of season 1 and 2 aren’t available in Germany because of the old KI Games, BUT THEY AREN’T EVEN IN THE PC VERSION !!!

I will not buy the normal versions of all 3 seasons because I would have to spend even more money for the premium accessories and the retro costumes (I don’t even know how or where to buy the retro costumes).

Please make the Supreme edition available in Germany just without the old Games and everything is fine.
JUST DO IT ! :rage:

I hate raging about KI but this is unacceptable. :disappointed_relieved:

I also had trouble buying Supreme Edition. I live in Poland, here is what I did:
1.Bought Microsoft gift card from G2A in USD (US redeemable only)
2.Redeemed it on MS Store account page (they asked me to change region, no problem)
3.Change your location in windows control panel to United States
4.You will be able to spend those USD on your account through ingame store

But watch out, you`ll need more than exact 50$, because of TAX.

How much does TAX add to the 50$ ?

Would it work if I buy a 50$ Xbox Live Card, set my PC language to english and region to US and then redeem the code to buy the supreme edition ?

According to my MS Store summary, I paid for Supreme Edition 52.86$.