Mick Gordon Shares What he Thinks is the Best Theme in the Game (Riptor)


Yeah, I bet it’s Riptor alright. He was NOT happy about that one in Season 2. Glad to see he’s good at sarcasm though.


He wasn’t? How did I miss this news? What did he say?

I think we can all agree that Cinder’s theme is the best tho.

He used to tweet samples of his music before release. The original version sounded different than the released one. TBF, the original one kind of sucked. He released this one and said he’d like to come back to it and redo it someday.

It was also at this time that he started tweeting and alluding that he had a short amount of time to make these songs.

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If you dig into some of the old forums topics on Riptor’s theme long ago, Mick was under a SUPER tight deadline, and he was NOT happy with the final product. When Riptor came out, the theme wasn’t even finished yet, and when you went to do an ultra on Riptor’s stage, it sounded like the Stage Ultra for Orchid’s stage. The ultra sounds were merely placeholder that wasn’t really fixed until Aganos or Omen launched.

He also told about how he had about 7 or 8 months to work on Jago’s theme, where as by comparison, he had only about 4 days to complete Riptor’s. Musicians need time to make the sound work, and to have anything in 4 days will drain anyone. No one blamed Mick though, he did what he could in the time he had. Basically, Riptor’s theme is more like a tale of aggravation for him. Not his happiest hour.


Jeez! I can see what he didn’t come back for Season 3. He has so much rep now that he can probably do almost anything he wants.

Well, IG was under a deadline too. There was a lot of chaos behind the scenes last season, but game development is usually a hectic process even without strict deadlines like what they promised on character releases for season 2.

But yeah, two seasons in and a hectic workload, I’m pretty sure he was a little drained and needed a new project, and I don’t think anyone here begrudges him for it. For what it was worth, it sounds like his work on Doom was some pretty good stuff.

I remember that he even asked us for advice on how it should sound. It’s a shame he never got to work on it again because he was considering it.


OMEN by a long shot! My boy Chris on vocals and my favorite character! Cant go wrong with either! :wink:
If I had to choose another it would be at tie between Fulgore and Eyedol.

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Wat’s a Ripter?

This Rustles my Jimmies.

Makes me sad always cause I wanted to hear his KIm Wu theme.
Forever I will try to hear his version in my head

One of the greatest musicians on this planet.
He’s gaming soundtracks’ Prince. Genius.

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I legit think if IG would allow it he should come back and very hardly spruce up Riptor’s theme as a final “ayy lmao” to KI



How do you think his version would have sounded like?


Elements of how unique Aganos theme soars and in Spinals theme transitions to how Hisakos theme’s journey is a wrenching trip of emotion-
I grasp to imagine micks would be a mix of Soul caliburs ‘ephemeral dream’ heavily mixed with percussion out of this world, authentic instrumentation and an unforgettable merge with the beautiful KI2 refrain that mostly saves the current Chinatown brawl

No saturation of dubstep and triphop beats-

I do like the 2016 Kim theme but relies too heavily on the ki melody/ techno

It may have even been Micks first KI epic along the lines of the soundtrack for the film ‘Hero’

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Honestly out of all the C&A tracks I honestly can’t say I’d see Mick do anything different. If anything maybe more techno-pop and less techno-rock? I mean this Kim is a modern kid. I would assume if he did use the old theme as a base he would likely use something that would be fitting for what kids listen to these days.


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I really liked it when Riptor was first released and her ultra music on her stage was just Orchids theme in the key of E flat. In all honesty I liked it a lot, more then the current one.

Some of my favourite themes in KI are the Season 3 ones - like with anything music related - just a matter of taste.