Mi xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows not work in the last update :(

im on pc, before update I normally used, but not work anymore… the only recognize is the keyboard help me please :’(

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Same problem here! I have this one http://www.game.co.uk/en/street-fighter-x-tekken-fightpad-sd-poison-for-xbox-360-208941

IG added Xbox one stick support so they did alter the drivers or support for those accessories.

make sure you have win 10 anniversary updates installed. but just fair warning, these post asking for help with fightsticks usually go ignored or closed by the mods.
why that is, I have no idea. good luck tho.

Thanks, problem is my fightpad used to work before this update, and I found nowhere to get official support.

problem solved install ‘Scptoolkit’ this work for me … "i hope you solve that problem

I dunno if it’s me unable to use it or a different kind of problem, but, sadly, it did not work…

Same problem here. I have a TES+ Madcatz Fightstick.
Before the update it worked fine in XBox360 mode, but now the only thing that gets recognized is my keyboard.

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Well, looks like not only Mad Catz stuff got screwed up, but a lot of controller stuff. There are reports of a number of different controllers no longer working.

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That’s not a solution though, that’s a band-aid.

Wired Xbox 360 controllers are X-input and should be working. You shouldn’t need to install a wrapper program for an X-input controller. Something got messed up in this update.


Yeah i have the same problem im using normal xbox 360 wireless controller and they no longer work!