METRO Exodus!

Metro “Exodus”, the 3rd installment of the Metro 2033 series releases this Thursday 2-14. This game took a lot of people by surprise when its reveal trailer came out at E3 last year. (Or when ever it revealed)
I know the game looks stunning in 4K and HDR and I cant wait to play it this Friday! Anyone else here getting Exodus this Thursday? I pre-ordered the Aurora edition with the steel book, art book, season pass, and other goodies.
I didnt enjoy Metro 2033 too much, but Last Light has been a lot of fun and the story is compelling for sure.
Im excited for the graphical upgrade Exodus will have over Last Light… this is where Exodus is really going to shine.


Im wrapping up Metro Last LIght right now. I could probably finish tonight but I think I will wait and finish tomorrow night. What a great game! It’s not perfect but its been enjoyable… and I like the story line. It’s really got me hyped for Exodus.

I finished Last light just before I went and picke dup Exodus. What a great game Last light was…but …Exodus…WOW! Its is so good! I cant wait to get home and get back on it tonight! It looks great and plays great!

Anyone play Exodus yet?? Its great! Trust me!