Menu Music

In Shadow Lords, the music is pretty boring. Maybe add the option of playing the KI theme or the character themes while in Shadow Lords? Playing the theme of your captain can be pretty cool.


I like the acknowledgment of Gargos music


This is an awesome Idea. Or all those extra soundtrack that we unlocked in the collections like the retro soundtrack can be chosen to play in the background for our hearing pleasure.

I would really like a remix of the OG theme to take the Shadow Lord’s story place, if not the menu.

And by what I mean;

The longer, lower, dark, ominous rumble… The slower build up off a riff… Moving you through story’s intro. Knocking down a few double or triple beats as certain moments are revealed.

Then suddenly kick’er down with a full KI rift and pump us into wanting to FIGHT ON!

And as with the OG theme, there’s a point where it kinda repeats, but different. And that’s where the story resumes.

Just to give another example of the feeling I’d like from the music, Super Castlevania’s intro music;

It’s the way these themes build that I want a feeling of… That ominous and build. Whether I’m waiting to fight, choosing my stuff, familiar but different music pumping me for a story experience.

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I would like to have the classics songs as an option for stage music in general.

I agreed. I would really like the idea of playing your captain music as a Background for the menu. That will make me more confortable with my decision of who the captain is.

Sure, but the music now I like it. Nice and soothing. Calm.

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Options are good. Some like it. Some don’t. Options makes both sides happy.

Having a playlist of character themes would be awesome. But also, the arrival of Gargos music is awesome. It’s moody, foreboding, gives a nice threatening atmosphere.

And then ominous and intimidating when gargos arrives

So I’ve thought of a few awesome ways to spice up the menu music:

-Idle Themes! Being able to loop a character’s Idle Theme could be a lively way to brighten up our time in the menus (since there will be a lot a of time in menus). Perhaps it could be based on our Team Captain? Or we could just have a playlist.

-Classic KI1/KI2 Themes! This has been brought up everywhere on the forums for different reasons. I think having a sort of playlist with all the classic themes to pick for looping like in practice mode could be fun. While we’re at it, let’s get the KI2 soundtrack in there too.

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Idle themes of your captain can be amazing. I would love to listen to Cinder’s Idle theme and chill in Shadow Lords preparing for Gargos. What if the classic KI themes can be used if you use the retro costumes?

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