Meanwhile at windows 10 store KI:DE does not have a price[also in game store doesn't have either]

i check from multiple PC. is this for a steam version ? like don’t buy we will release on steam so you cant redeem your code on steam ?

Might be a bug. I see the price on the US store. I hope the game will include a Xbox Live client for signing in, thus existing owners can sign into the free-to-play app and gain access to all of their existing characters.

in my country store has different price xbox and pc(almost %40) i gave feedback to microsoft idk they did take it seriously or not

@rukizzel @developers hello anyone ? also when we have steam date release so i can pre order ?

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Please answer him.

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@developers @rukizzel hello anybody alive ? can you guys hear me ? hello ?

there was a tweet about this

“More info about Steam coming at a later date. Stay tuned!” no ■■■■ sherlock!!! they didin’t even give anyinfo and they said we will give you more info LUL

More info coming at a “later date”? The implication there being not anytime soon. This is ridiculous, might as well have not even announced the damn thing.


Calm down fellas. It will be alright! Play KI and enjoy these new ultimates!

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i can’t even buy the game because of technical issues!

I hope u get those squared away soon!