Me being a Bad, and making a hilarious comeback anyway against a top 32 killer

Those of you that know me know I pretty much sat out of season two. Im trying to not repeat that mistake. Anyway here is me being a complete scrub against a wulf, and guess breaking, and just being overall terrible- but still winning. I thought it was rather hilarious xD The second one is more recent and also hilarious xD
Do not doubt yourself when you see those stars!
and I apologize for my loudness- thats just how I play fighting games

And this is essentially the same thing happening against an Aganos xD


I loved your reaction when you beat the 5-star Sabrewulf. Didn’t love it so much when you beat up on my favorite golem, however. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to play against you myself sometime. I’ll show you what a real Aganos can do. :slight_smile:

BTW, you’re pretty… Funny. Yeah, funny… That’s what I meant. :yum:

haha im on most nights after 230am est- but not this coming week as im taking a vacation :wink:

Really!? 'Cause I’m on most nights after 3 p.m. eastern! :smiley:

…oh wait…


Do you ever play that guitar on stream?

Killer instinct + Ibanez Guitar = :heart_eyes:

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Dood, that was a close game XD

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Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself in Season 3! :smiley:

Are you strictly a Sadira player or do you dabble in any other characters?

I do play my bass on stream! And no my main is actually thunder but I haven’t played him yet much this season ^^

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Dude you should never over rate a player. If you feel confident and have the tools to win you can.

Thunder’s got some good stuff this Season! You’ll have fun with Flip-Out for sure.