Maybe Paramount Movie Productions could partner with KI🤔

And why not??! MK has WB… Maybe The MCU even??

You mean the company where every IP they get ahold of turns to garbage? No thank you.

Besides, IIRC, Fox (and now in extension Disney) has the video rights for Killer Instince thanks to that awful police drama(??) that they made quite awhile back. It was part of the legal deal in order to bring back the KI IP. MS agreed that they wouldn’t make a film adaptation of KI, and Fox agreed they wouldn’t make a game based on their show. Therefore, for now anyway, KI will have to stay in the realm of video games.

I was thinking, maybe get permission to use celebs from paramount as characters in KI… Like Reeves in CyberPunk… I wanted Reeves for KI for well over a year, but MS made a better move, i have to say.