May Get Heat or Ban For This But Don't Really Care

Oh, look another rant thread…


Don’t attack him!, you will activate his trap card!.



What are trying to do?

I lost interest in watching the rest of the video when the first five minutes was giving shoutouts and talking about Barney of all things.
It’s just another rant vid, so meh.


I legitimately tried to watch it. Couldn’t do it.


What’s with the influx of this stuff over the last three days? We’ve had like three guys get banned since the eagle trailer. Or is it all the same guy?


I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m six minuets into the video and it hasn’t even started yet. Sorry if there are some valid points in there but that video is just plain unwatchable.

If you have some actual criticism to lay on us I’m down, I love a good discussion so go ahead and post it here and I’ll reply but that video was a hot mess.


The first 15 seconds were unbearable, 3 minutes after that I stopped watching, couldn’t stand listening to him thank ever single person on the planet for his “no mercy” rant.


Not all the same guy, but from what I gather a group of like-minded guys that are possibly friends and are all dwelling within their own echo chamber where they sit around and rant to each other perhaps? I dunno.
Perhaps this is proof that the KI community is expanding?

This rambling, incoherent, and painful to watch video truly suggest how misinformed, silly and dumb you truly are. You are just throwing out random numbers, opinions as facts and so on.

I would go through each of the points in this video to either debunk or agree on some level. But I know the type of character you are and know it’s not even worth my time to argue with someone set in their own pathetic ways.

You say this forum and community is cancer? Nah, though there are a few members who either irritate me or I just phase out, most of us have constructive and worthwhile conversations. It’s people like you, who not only have incorrect facts but spread their opinions as if it were some freaking revelation. Your voice matters, but the cancerous way you go about it doesn’t.

You want to rant, moan and cry about it thinking you’re so right, go for it my dude. Ain’t stopping me.


Why is it so hard for people to say that they don’t like something in a respectable way???


This is just spam now. Mods plz shut this down.


@WrathOfFulgore. Since you’re not really working tonight like you said you said you were. Please join us and bring all of your pals dere.