Max talk about the leaks

Well, seems like Max can, but we can’t.
Just a heads up.

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Yeah if Max can talk about it I guess that counts as officially acknowledging it?

Can we talk about the real leak here? Ronald McDonald is going to be in the game. Bring on the McFury!

Now I want Ronald McDonald and Sanic in this game. Not Sonic. Sanic.



Wait they are addng Ronad Mcdonald instead of the Burger King, King? That’s it no longer hyped for season 3, KI is dead. THEY RUINED IT!!! THEY RUINED IT I SAY!!!


I’m not sure that would be fair though. Max, a guy who is hired by IG, is openly talking about them. I doubt he would be allowed to do so without IG’s permission, as that could potentially mean he would be fired for it otherwise.

wait. Maximilian are making fun of guest characters at the end of the video… hmm… Interesting… The leak must be fake.

Unless Max is insane, he has a clause in his contract that keeps IG and MS out of his other business (i.e. his streams). If he gave them creative control of his channel he would be screwed. My guess is he is not allowed to confirm or deny anything, but after getting some legal review of his agreement he is allowed to comment on things from the internet.


But IG could still fire him for discussing something that is most likely NDA - hence why we haven’t been allowed to discuss the leaks on this forum before.

But it would still be a pretty ■■■■ move to just post a video without asking IG if it’s ok.

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Not if what he’s talking about is fake and not a part of the NDA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Before watching the video, I had no idea how much Mira actually resembled Maya, and after watching it and having those similarities pointed out by Max, it makes me think now more than ever that this whole thing is a cleverly photoshopped sham.

Even moreso than that, I think that after reading ARIA’s bio, I think it could potentially be an awesome troll attempt (and intentional fake leak) by the developers themselves in order to gain publicity and hype for their own product, which if that is indeed the case, then it obviously appears to be working. Max would obviously do his part as part of the development team to expand that hype in that particular scenario as well. :wink:

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Mira is Maya’s twin sister. They’re supposed to resemble eachother.

Thing is… there’s been alot of discussion in the past about fake leaks without those posts and threads being closed down. I clearly remember the fanart of Tusk being shown as a “leak”, and people chatted about that.

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If it was a cleverly photoshopped sham they would have just told us. When Tusk “leaked” they just came straight out and said “yeah no, that’s fake.” They didn’t start shutting down every thread that came up about it.


Yeah, but not that closely. A good designer makes things very distinctive - having the same exact size legs and cross-section is just bad design all-around (and I’ll be the 1st to admit, I’ve never liked that image).

Because riding the advertising lies isn’t a good idea. A lot of people are gonna be expecting RAAM now, and if he isn’t in, there will be some backlash. Obviously, IG could say “dats wat u gut 4 believing leeks” but it still isn’t good for business.

Since they are twins, they most likely took Maya’s base model and changed some textures a bit along with giving her completely new clothes, then gave her new animations and special moves.

It’s still bad game design. Besides, have you seen how pale she is? How could she even possibly be related to Maya with that? And no, don’t bother telling me it’s because she’s a vampire. If she really was a blood-related sister to Maya, she still wouldn’t be that pale.

During this whole “leak” has there even been an actual confirmation that this is indeed Maya’s sister? Or is that just assumed by everyone BECAUSE of the similarities to the model? For all we really know (assuming this is even real), she may not be Mira at all.

All of this further makes me believe that the whole thing is fake.

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Why name a character Mira only to then create an entirely different character also called Mira?