Matchmaking in Ranked

Hey all,

I started playing Ranked a few weeks ago as you know, and when I did my Qualifying Matches, it placed me in Gold Tier, Master. I know that was overinflated as I had one Killer Tier opponent in Qualifiers who quit at Character Select, giving me the win.

I began re-doing my Qualifiers yesterday, as I want to be placed in a Tier more appropriate to my skill so I can more effectively learn and level up my game (I found while playing in Gold Tier that the system was not allowing me to fall below Master, which I was hoping for), but this time, I ended up facing four Killer Tier opponents in a row.

I’ve faced that Tier several times, and overall, those players are well, well above my skill level. I don’t mind testing myself against vastly superior opponents, but it was quite frustrating to take them on, four times in a row, in Qualifiers.

I would have figured that after at least two, the system would recognize that was beyond me and find me other opponents. I know it’s possible I was playing at a time when the player pool was only Killer Tier, but I find that hard to believe as it was prime time (6:30 pm eastern) and I’ve never had issues getting Gold and Silver opponents before.

Is the player pool truly that small now? Did I just have poor luck? Or is the game’s Matchmaking system really not that stellar?

Sadly, it’s just luck of the draw. There tons of people playing KI now. Consequently there is also a lot of pro players playing as well. I’ve run into Nicky, Letalis, Freaky Jason… sometimes one after another. While I am taking life bars, it can still be ego deflating. On the flip side, I also run into a lot of Bronze and Silvers.

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The biggest name I’ve got was Tyzo, and next would be BlackLight318, I think.

I have no issue playing with, and getting bodied by, Killer Tier, but it’s frustrating to keep getting matched against them in Qualifiers.

Having said that, I finished my Qualifiers yesterday (and of the three remaining matches, two were against Killer Tier), and got placed in Silver Tier, which I’m happy with. I do believe that Silver is a good placement for my skill level.

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Tyzo is a great player.

I’m glad you got into a Rank that you feel comfortable with. It’s never fun to constantly get bodied.

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Yes he is; I was barely able to touch him!

It’s not getting bodied that bothers me, if I’m playing someone who’s more knowledgeable and experienced than I, then it makes sense.

It’s the matchmaking system continually pitting me against players who are clearly above my skill level that irks me.

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I am also having some bad experiences with matchmaking right now. I am only getting matched with killer ranks and next to no gold ranks( my rank). This really bothers me since I can consistently beat gold players but hardly any of the killer players. Wish more gold players were playing.

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