Match quirk

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So i need some advice and im tagging a few knowledgeable people to this. Just came from a match where, in game, i tried breaking twice in the same combo at different points. I guessed wrong to the strength but the game gave me no indicator at all.

Is there something im missing? The way i understood it, even if i missed the timing, that should’ve been a timing lockout generated. But i got nothing far as a strength or timing lockout.

Game inputs for me are on the right side of the screen.

Assuming the inputs are right (which isn’t always a guarantee in replays), I’d assume it was a bug of some sort.

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They’re correct. I was there, lol.

I guess you mean if the system recorded my actions properly? Id say so. My intention and action on both was to go for mediums. The timing is correct as to when i attempted to break.

Plus, i kept a piece of the other players followup combo where i went to break it, missed, and the system reacted accordingly. Its frame perfect as to on the same frame i hit the input is when the lockout symbol pops.

Looked like it was during the startup of air ORZ linker, so it may be a bug related to that move. Might not have a timing lockout window during startup? It’s already her worst linker so, while the bug should be fixed it isn’t really that big of a deal I think.

Id usually sweep that as something to the whole online experience. Rollback, lag in my tv, latency or any number of things we usually have happen. For me though, this is the second time I’ve had an issue with the breaker system, specifically of an input not seeming to register. First one being this…

Im an airhead when it comes to a lot of the technicals of fighting games, but this was similar. I got opened up by rekka, guessed and broke for lights first frame, but got no notification.

It certainly could be nothing, but it definitely started causing me to be more aware than necessary about it.

Im gonna go to the lab after this, but now there’s been a third time. Happened just this morning while playing against a Mira and in two separate combos. Same thing, shooting for a breaker, doesn’t register in game via a notification. Ill post a video after work, but this REALLY soured my mood…

Alright, im legit confused and very frustrated now. I’ve never had a situation where my replay is showing me two different outcomes, in different speeds, from the same input. With basically the same problem that i cannot for the life of me figure out.