Match Making services

Can’t connect to any match making servers on windows 10 or steam anyone know anything about this

On xbox the matchmaking is alot slower than usual for me.

Steam player here… can’t connect to anything in KI. Verified game file integrity 4 times now, no change. Tweeted at the official KI Twitter account and Iron Galaxy’s account, so far nada, other than several other people also saying they’re having the issue. Also tuned in to someone streaming on Twitch earlier who tried to go into Shadow Lords MP when I mentioned the issues I’d been having, and he got the same error I did both times he tried before giving up. It’s been down for a full 24 hours now for me.

Very slow on Xbox one also, like minute or longer slow

I believe this belong in the feedback section.

Same here, also the game has crashed 4 times in the last 2 days… Trying again but if it keeps crashing I will have to play something else for now.

Game’s not crashing, but matchmaking basically non-functional for me right now (X1 version).

Really hope they manage to iron this stuff out soon - having twitchy online is not a good look, and KI’s been pretty unstable for a few weeks now feels like :slightly_frowning_face:

Multiplayer is back up and running… here’s hoping that it stays that way. Having it go down the way it has twice in one month is a bit… frustrating.