Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite using KI mechanics

huh i was afraid that the “easy mode” button inputs and combo structure would alienate the hardcore crowd but it seems that its just a combo assist without a toggle. access to only one combo and one hyper combo that can be looped relatively easy whereas the deeper mechanics i.e proper use of stones and more harder and deeper combos with the other more hyper combos available will keep the enjoyable learning curve.

now if only they could double the roster count (not including dlc) and a good netcode the game would be pretty awesme

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ya, I heard the net code was less than desirable on previous iterations. kinda cool we can break combos at the cost of meter…hmmmmm. wonder how people would react if combo breakers used 1/4 or 1/2 a shadow bar.

It’s been suggested many times, but pretty resoundingly rejected by everyone. One huge difference between KI’s breakers and this mechanic in MvC:I (and MK or Injustice) is that these breakers work, without possibility of counter and without any need to correctly match your opponents combo inputs. So the cost is justified by the 100% guarantee of success.

Not exactly. I think you can ■■■■■ up and get “happy birthdayed” if you tag in and mess up. especially if you do it into a beam super of some sort and fail to block it.

Tagging in and breaking are different mechanics. MvCI has a break mechanic that lets you spend two meter to escape a combo.

Edit: the netcodein MvC3 was trash. MvCI will use the same rollback netcode as SFV which is… not great.

Yeah, but even SFV’s not-great netcode is far beyond MvC3’s. That game ran like balls online for the most part.

And yes, resource breakers in KI are a bad idea, full stop. It would turn a very interesting and complex optimization problem (damage vs reactability vs setup vs reset) into an extremely simple and boring one (hit opponent with hardest thing you can early in match, continue throughout to starve him of resources).

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