Marvel vs Capcom 4 Happening?

So I’m no Mavel fan myself, but there’s word that certain people at Marvel who are “ready and willing” to create a new MvC installment to be integrated into the CapCom Pro Tour, and some movement inside Disney’s legal department might make this a lot more plausible than previously thought.


Yes please :grin:

Didnt play the last one as much as I would like, since it was a bit…busy (prefer 1 vs 1 games), but still had fun with it (huge marvel fan). Really wanted the ultimate edition (or whatever it was called) though, because some of my favorite characters didnt enter the game till later, but never got around to buying it (hopefully it will get backward compatible someday soon…)

Nope. I’m not going to get hyped until it’s confirmed. I’ll just be disappointed IF it comes out, due to my own overhyping. I hope its real though, I love UMVC3 and 2, so I wouldn’t mind a new one.

I wish capcom would just do marvel all stars

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It’s just discussing something we already know. We have no idea if Capcom will get the license to make a new MvC, and whether or not they can even afford doing so, considering their current financial situation being REALLY bad.

A new Marvel fighting game is indeed plausible, depending on who picks up the license to make one. However, if it will be Capcom is unknown.

If it really is confirmed, then they better not release MvC4 on only Mobile… ALL HAIL CONSOLE MASTER RACE!! I hope they bring Venom back in MvC4! He’s my main in MvC2. :slight_smile:

I think I would prefer a marvel only game though from Capcom. They could better incorporate a story.
And maybe make it 1 on 1, wasnt their x-man game like that?

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No, i hope it does not release because they would make it ps4 exclusive, anything capcom pro tour is a No

Forget that, with King of Fighters 14 in the spotlight and SNK back in okay shape, I want Capcom vs SNK 3! I still have CvS2 for Playstation 2, and that’s still crazy good to play from time to time. Just wish it had online capabilities (well, still functioning capabilities, most network functions for the game are probably discontinued)

you really have no clue at all. Capcom makes on multiple consoles and pc so it can be on any platform. Sf5 is on to platforms so its not a ps4 exclusive as you think it is.

If Capcom just made a Marvel Superheros 2 (with More Characters) i’ll be down for that.

Characters: Deadpool, Venom, She-Hulk Rogue & Juggernaut

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Capcom to make a civil war game in the fashion of injustice

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Squirrel Girl or riot

I prefer riot then.


I want Howard the Duck, so I can use him against Rocket Raccoon :sunglasses:

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Riot is a fine choice.

On a serious note, I thought she’d make sense since Deadpool is in the game. I heard they were pretty much rivals in the comics.

Seriously if psylocke isn’t in this one (if it ever comes to pass) the end is near

Exaggeration, but otherwise, I agree. I would love to have a good modern fighting game with Psylocke in it as a playable character. <3

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