Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Xbox One

So, out of nowhere there is a rerelease of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2 as a bundle on Xbox one today. This bodes well for the idea of seeing Marvel Vs. games going back for sale.

Also, has anyone played these? $60 seems a bit steep but if they upgraded the games instead of just slapping them together I have fond memories and I know my kids would love them.

Seems there is an issue with the pricing of the games. Might get corrected soon, loved those games :slight_smile:
However, I have to big of a backlog of games to get them again… Hoping for a part three though, seeing as how marvel is really ramping up on the new games (see spider-man trailer on ps4)

This is kinda known, though on PS4:

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Wow, I don’t know how I missed that. Sorry for the duplicate thread.