MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 may be coming to PS4!

OMG Psylocke et al FTW

even though I have the original PS3 version, it’d be AWESOME to own this game on PS4!!!

Allegedly, trophies have been leaked


PlayStation 4 Trophy Lists for Dead Rising, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Spotted - TechRaptor

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I think I might have to pick this up. I really enjoyed the first one, but never played the second. A good couch co-op game seems to be harder and harder to come by these days. Can’t wait!

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It is insane to have so many X men in one game with what I feel are the best representation of their powers, and mua2 allowed you to combine your powers with your favorite four marvel heroes At once for an exhilarating experience!
The addition of my fave PSYLOCKE made it day one!

Picking it up tonight for PS4. I have the disc for PS3 but digital copy is in need!

You should try it

Ps I didn’t care for MUA 1 because flight required meter- and the graphics were still chunky but could be that I’m biased for Betsy

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If it comes out to PS4, I might. ^^

It’s available for ps4 now!

Oh cool, then I’ll check it out when I get home! I’m on vacation atm. ^^

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I’m downloading now. It has 1080 output so should be as great as ever.

Since I dont have PC this is great alternate to having a marvel game like DCUO on ps4