Mark my words KI and IG

You will see me at KIWC 2018. That is a promise!

Words can’t even describe how amazing this years tourney has been for me. The Gauntlet (aka, last 4 qualifiers), Top 32, memorable matches, the amount of viewers (OVER 25K ) watching the game on stream. Seriously, good job guys~ I have no words. It was a true success, and I’m also proud to be part of the community~!!


the tourney was pretty intense. I also enjoyed that group of attendees hooping and hollering in the back ground. those were some legit matches. Letalis is stone cold. lol. I wanted to poke him with a stick to make sure he was alive :blush:

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This is actually a humorous change of pace for the forums. You think this is a salty thread and then BAM! Hit them with the hype shovel.

Hope I can be there next year too. I’d love to go. And Kumite in Tennessee. Here’s hoping we all get there!


Honestly, watching the stream throughout the weekend had me thinking about going to KIWC if they have it again next year. It looked really fun!

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:joy: sry, had to


Yay! I’m gonna try and go next year. It will be so fun and cool to see you there too. :smiley:


dude, we should all go and have a million beers in the parking lot…and then beg Nicky to teach me the ways of the bot. only to realize the next day…I totally forgot what Nicky told me :confused:


I had ONE regret in 2015 and one in 2016. 2015 I didn’t go to EVO for KI, 2016 I didn’t go to KIWC. Never again will I skip as long as KI is there.


hahah not sure about me getting involved with the beers but yeah xD sounds legit~

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