Mario & Luigi RPGs

Any fans of this series? It’s a real favorite of mine that I’ve recently picked back up with Dream Team and now Paper Jam.

I am!! Got my first taste of the series with Bowser’s Inside Story and fell in love with it. So much that I was really hyped when Dream Team was announced and got that too. Still waiting to get Paper Jam though and I’m avoiding spoilers like the plague >.<. But I know it’s going to be awesome.

You know it says something about the series when make someone like me who despises turn based RPGs into an instant fan.

I’ll be honest, Paper Jam is a good game, nearly the same as Dream Team but enough differences to make it fun. There were definitely difficulty spikes here and there when I’m literally the same level as the boss I’m facing but I have trouble with said boss. Good overall writing too which made it funny, homages to other games and such.

Finished it yesterday. Plot wise… Could have definitely been better, definitely not up to snuff to Dream Team.

That so huh…still not stopping me from getting the game though.

Now I’m imagining a Paper Mario game with M&L characters.

I’ve actually played all of the Superstar Saga! One of my favorite series… I had to force myself to stop playing or else I would have completed the games for the 7th time… LOL

It’s a tie for me on Dream Team and Superstar Saga. Popple is my favorite rival in the series and while he reappears in Dream Team, he felt underused for my taste. Best theme, character persona, really wish they would offer back story on him and give him more time on the spotlight.

Just now thinking of this… But what if him and Nabbit are related?

Only played the GBA ones, but I like them a lot! They’re tons of fun!

Partners in time & Bowser Inside’s story were the two that i played the most…Then I just kind of lost interest whilst playing Dream team…

But It’s a great series either way!

If they were related, it would offer an interesting twist on the current story. They could actually do a lot from that standpoint, were that to be confirmed.