Marcus Fenix as a season 4 guest

I know General Raam just came out and I think he is pretty good but he is not a main character or the big bad of the franchise. Marcus Fenix should get in not only is he the main character of his series but he has some awesome moves to use in this game. Who would not want to use a Chainsaw gun in a combo? I will not deny Arbiter and General Raam are fun but its like putting Gannodorf in a game before Link. So do you guys think if we get a potential season 4 we should get Marcus Fenix?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes give us a Spartan and Marcus
  • No I do not want either

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I rather not any more guests please. Three is enough. Besides, Arbiter is in game but not Master Chief.

Not necessarily Master Chief…but maybe Buck? He would be an awesome addition…normal outfit could have all kinds of Spartan armor, retro could have ODST/marine armor. And hey, one of his Spartan armor sets could be a basic Mark VI Mjolnir, so you’d kinda have MC in there as well.
No helmet for default outfit though.
And Nathan Filion for the voice, even if it’s just recycled from previous Halo games.
For moves…give him armor abilities…jetpack, armor lock, sprint (into a slide or shoulder bash or something), frag grenades…maybe a rocket launcher or Spartan Laser…there’s some good possibilities there…

One must: has to yell “say my name!!” When he throws a grenade.

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Here are my reasons.

  1. We already have guests from Halo and Gears, adding them would be uninteresting.
  2. Low hanging fruit, those characters are boring at least KI picked interesting guests.
  3. We don’t need anymore guests period and if we have to have more we can do better.

No more guest characters.

I think one gears character is enough, If we absolutely had to have another, my vote would go to Skorge.

As for another Halo character, I’m with @WrathOfFulgore, Buck would be a more interesting choice. Plus having Nathan Fillion in your game is always a plus. :grin:

Sgt. Johnson, nuff said.

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…um…wouldn’t Sgt Johnson kinda go against what your previous post???

Yes, yes it would. I was just responding to the above post suggesting other Halo characters with my own suggestion.

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Plus according to Halo 5, the Chief isn’t exactly the most gifted fighter.

Its like watching two walruses flapping around in slow motion.


Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one severely disappointed with that scene haha

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