March 6th Release date?

Did I miss something? I was watching the saucy suite right now and this exchange happened
"What’s the release date? I heard March 6th?"
"Yeah it’s March 6th."
Granted the people talking were both drunk but they seemed pretty sure that was the date. Did someone from IG leak the info off stream or something?

I’m willing to bet it’s gonna be late March lol.

I hope so! I really need S3. I’ve been playing too much Warhammer 40k.

Don’t believe anything you hear until its official from MS of IG.

Also, just to comment on the likelihood of that date, I think the 4th or 11th is more likely. This is just based off those days being Fridays, and they probably want a huge amount of people on the first day, and that would be a good way to get that result.

@TheKeits said “some time in March” on stream last night. Anything else is conjecture until confirmed.

How many characters should we expect at launch?

If I were to guess 4, 5 if we’re lucky.

Knowing IG that means the last day in March.

I think “March 2016” has been said in one or two places as “3/16”, so then it’s been assumed instead that it’s March 16th. Then add typical internet misreading and drunk people, and you’ll get March 6th… when it’s probably something like March 29th.


Just to add, since they’re being mindful of the competitive scene, we have two “majors” coming up for the game in the month of March.

Final Round is on 3/18 -3/20 while NorCal Regionals are the week immediately after.

Personally going on a limb and say that its coming out on the 28th, in consideration of those dates. Two weeks (in consideration of 3/6) might not be enough to fully grasp a new system, combo breaks, and at least 3 characters upon launch.

I hope it a late March release because Kim Wu got me real worried about how she looks super rushed and unpolished on many levels (face, textures, no splash detection on her stage with stepping into the puddles etc.)

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See, I actually like how her face looked because she was supposed to be Chinese/Korean; I thought they expressed that very well but Adam has said that updates are still able to be touched on. I had no issues with the textures at all and she looked very fluid

I hope it’s the 5th it’d be a great birthday present for me.

It was more so the lighting on that stage which really clashed with her. I noticed that both character faces seemed a little washed out but I’m sure she’ll be beautiful when season 3 drops.

I pray you are right. As I said earlier, you are presenting for the first time to the world a character and it is also at an event. You want to make a splash don’t you? Why would IG/MS deem that as acceptable? That is what is worrying to me. I don’t know if for some people it is just a day at the office but if I was working on KI let alone anything I’m passionate about, I would make sure it isn’t 100% but rather go above and beyond and aim for 150%. Maybe it is just me or maybe they are running into issues and hoping we don’t notice it isn’t on par or by today’s standards in regards to movements/modeling/textures/lightings/physics (puddles with no splashing) I feel that they know but you know people will get excited either way because they probably figure the sheep will just be happy because “KIM IS BACK”, or “MORE KI STUFF” or simply “NEW” … I don’t blame them if that’s what they were thinking because usually that is how it is. I feel they put more work in Rash’s taunts than Kim Wu’s design…Check out his taunts and I dare you to disagree with me, and that is Rash’s Taunts as in plural…

I know time flies faster the older you get but waiting for Season 3 is making time move extremely slow!:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Anyone else feel like this?