March 2016 is far away... how much filled will S3 start?

Since that’s a whooping 8 months away, I’m thinking March is gonna come action packed right off the bat. This is my prediction:

5 fully fledged characters: Kim Wu, Rash, Vampire, newcomer, Eyedol (or whatever)
Every stage will have a stage Ultra
Every character will have several sets of accesories, (not just recolors)
Ultra edition accesories for everyone
Retro Costumes for everyone
Ultimate Combos
Two sets of Ultras (Classic and new)
Two sets of Instinct modes.
KI classic for Ultra owners: KI SNES, KI Gameboy, and unseen artwork by K. Bayliss.

From then, Season will release a character a month (newcomer, newcomer, guest, Tusk, Gargos) till the grand finale with cinematic voiced over story mode (with voice work by KLobb, Isgreen, Keits, Bayliss, Chris Sutherland, special cameos by Mike Willette and Rich Bantegui and the stellar work of Dave Lang as Gargos)

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What about KI Gold?

it’s in Rare Replay already. Not sure if they’ll include it

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My bet it’s fairly similar to yours:

6 starting characters: Kim Wu, Tusk, Rash, newcomer, guest, newcomer. Eyedol, Newcomer, Gargos later, but not monthly(not all will make it into EVO)
Early access to unfinished characters(much like Rash)
Every stage will have a stage Ultra
More accesories for all(including s1 & 2)
Retro for s3 characters
Ultimates for all
Improvements in some characters(Maya autodoubles, Omen appearance…)

Ultra edition will not have an original KI like S1 & S2, so it will be a bit cheaper

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yeah, I forgot about this

I expect most graphical glitches fixed and some things improved. Also I hope S3 will make use of the DX12 features as well.

I truly expect S3 characters and stages will stand out over S1 and S2 ones. That may not be good for the continuity of art style but it is inevitable.

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This is tough for me to guess. I suspect at least 4 characters to start, maybe as many as 6 with the rest coming later. I don’t know if the new releases will be monthly or bi-monthly, but I suspect they will all be out before EVO.

I want KI Gold without rare replay. Oh whatever, I already have rare replay.

I don’t think to that extent. I think it will be 4 starting characters, and definitely no stage ultras for each stage since I think that would be way too much work and not even as important as other things to do first, besides not every stage needs an Ultra.

I do hope each character gets an Ultimate, that is where the time and resources can be used practically since March 2016 is so far away, now is the time to do it if there was ever a time.

This is the most likely scenario:

  • I think 4-6 characters most likely to start
  • Bug fixes, clean-up with animations (Maya, TJ), fixing loose ends
  • 1 new game mode

This is what I hope for:

  • 4-6 characters most likely to start
  • Bug fixes, clean-up with animations (Maya, TJ), fixing loose ends
  • 1 new game mode (Tag Team)
  • 1 Ultimate per character
  • Respect taunt

I think MS have learned their lesson from the launch of S2 with it’s huge roster of two characters. I think you’ll get at least 4 characters (maybe 6) and a few accessories and such for them. Hopefully the launch trailer for S3 will show potential customers what they are getting as apposed to silhouettes.

Im expecting a big update to the overall game since we have to wait 7-8 months otherwise ill be let down and higher quality

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I have a few predictions.
-Like others have said, I anticipate a 4 character start, maybe 5, since they’ll likely be simultaneously releasing Season 3 with the PC port. They’ll have had plenty of time to develop characters, so they’ll likely have more characters than the start of Season 2 (with superior modeling and animations, likely), but not as many a season 1 since they’ll be divided between S3 and PC.

-Kim Wu starter, with Rash and some newbies. Later comes Tusk, at least one guest, a new character, possibly Eydoll, and the finale, Gargos

-In lieu of a classic KI game (since KI gold is literally just a KI2 with some extras, and is already available in Rare Replay, and the Gameboy port isn’t exactly stellar.) we’ll get additional content in the main game as incentive for Ultra edition (or possibly just for free because they love us.) I’m hoping for KI2 music for training mode, some classic/alternative stages, classic arcade with Remastered cutscenes, new outfits, something.

-Ultimate combos might very well return in some form, but apart from Shago I don’t see a ton of evidence so far. We know he’s getting one on his stage, and they’re really requested for the whole cast. We will see.

-Speaking of Shago, before S3 launches I expect plenty of goodies. Updates to UI, balance changes, engine improvements (1080plz?), Beta Character releases, PC stress tests, and of course real boy Shadow Jago.

Only the future will tell, but these seem like decent predictions to me.

As the months go by, I think we will be notified, but I’m hoping they can make a beta version a few months before release date so we can see what they have so far.

Their are many moves I wish they can bring back, even for the current roster as well.

I’m also hoping more stage ultras will be coming our way and more unique non-veterans like that vampire character that everyone wants so much. But I’m very excited for season 3

It’ll definitely be worth the wait!

I wonder if KIG666 reaction about KI season 3… Anybody can tell us what happening to KIG666?

We don’t know how this will turn out until they tell us later.

Oh lawd that name. >_>

he’s probably either A: Minding his own business and doing something else, or B: He’s probably aware and is foaming at the mouth somewhere in a corner undying, rage. I wouldn’t know really. To be honest dude let’s not mention him anymore.

Back on track I look forward to March


Yes… Let’s forget about him.


Just hope that the rebalancing will be done and also that all characters will be released well before Evo starts.


Yes. Want the game to be as balanced as possible, and give people time to learn all the new matchups among the cast as well as any awesome tech the new characters will provide.
(Man this response is super late compared to the ‘like’ I dropped lol)