"Many FightSticks work now" Yeah except PS3/PC sticks

I really don’t understand it in KI menu it says xbox one stick support coming soon and many sticks work now.

Yeah many except the Qanba Q1 PS3 which happens to be one of them most used sticks thanks to its friendly price point.

How could this even still be an issue?

Xbox 360 stuff (and maybe Xbox one pads) uses xinput to recognise the controller, ps stuff uses dinput. Dinput is not currently supported by KI but is recognised by windows 10 so there are ways around it, such as using a 3rd party program like xpadder to map your inputs to the keyboard.

Xbox one sticks don’t currently work on windows 10 as the OS doesn’t recognise them, this is true for any game on windows 10 and not just KI. MS has been working on getting the drivers sorted, so this is what the announcement is regarding.

The way they’ve been handling it since day 1 with the XB1 fightsticks I’m pretty sure it’s on an extremely low priority though.

The only button that functions on my Razer Atrox Xbox One fightstick is the home button, hopefully this update fix is out soon. I’m dying to play some KI properly.

I believe the program InputMapper could help you here. It makes dual shock controllers map on PC like they are a 360 controller, meaning any XInput game will work with them. The program is free and even works wireless with bluetooth if your PC has it.