Manuals: seperate but NOT equal

Something I have noticed during my time in KI is that manuals still seem to be a bit inconsistent among the cast. For the most part things are balanced across the board, but some characters have substantially easier or harder manuals than most of the cast. For example, Glacius (cold shoulder linker) and Thunder (ankle slicer linker) have some of the easiest manuals in the game. On the other hand, Characters like Omen and Riptor have manuals that are substantially harder (though not impossible).

Does anyone else feel like there is a bit of and uneven difficulty of manuals from fighter to fighter?

I noted this a while ago, too. It can be pretty rough: Riptor in particular has one-frame link medium manuals off both her linkers, at least as far as I can tell. It’s really rough, considering that medium linker into medium manual is the cornerstone of what you can basically call KI’s BnB combo filler. Hopefully they tack on at least one additional frame of hitstun to those linkers in season 3. (Any more than one additional frame and they have to start making some of her heavy buttons slower.)

I agree but Omen is not in that list of hard to do manuals. He is in the easy list.

Jago, Hisako,Maya and Sabrewulf to me have odd timings compared to the rest. I have been able to use the same timing with my manuals across the cast but those 4 mentioned earlier come to mind as having a different timing…but that’s just me… But I def do not think Omen has hard manuals…he has some of the easiest.

I think its just a matter of practicing the timing per character until you know the timing for each situation… its a lot of work but no character has impossible manuals.

All are pretty easy to me

Hisako’s timings might be different, but the window is actually pretty wide, especially off her influence linker.

Hm, I’ve always been able to get manuals pretty consistently with all characters in practice, of course I rarely play more than two characters online. I have played with all of the characters enough in story and such though that I can get manuals once in a while if I try if they’re not my main.

Riptor, she’s my main, and it’s true that she has a very hard manual after the linker, but don’t do her headbutt linker into manual, do the pounce (idk what it’s actually called, back forward kick) linker into manual and even if you miss you can get an accidental reset. Most of her moves are easy to break anyways so I guess it’s meant to be like that.

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I just go into the dojo and practice the manuals over and over and over until the KV blows out.

For Omen I just do this- MD slide>CrLK > HVY link> CrLK > Med link > Cr LK…over and over till it blows out
Then I try a different manual, same Technic as above…just insert Cr MK then next time standing MK, then next time Standing HP (Better than HK - IMO)

@Crainiak24 If you ever want to play and practice Omen’s manuals together I can help you…just set up a time and Ill try to make it work. Im in Central time zone.

Didn’t they say something about manual timing getting fixed across the board for all chars in S3 to be like Jago’s?

No they’re fixing it so that if you do the manual too early you just get a late autodouble instead of nothing. Jago has this so he could basically ■■■■■ up his manual timing and still get a double.

u r correct

As a person who uses a TON of manuals and in some combos ONLY manuals, I haven’t found a character that I couldn’t create basic manual set ups. A lot of what kills people with manuals is simply put, the timing and execution. First thing to remember is that you can’t (in most cases) use a heavy or medium manual after a light linker, or a heavy after a medium linker. In terms of timing, for most of the cast, I’ve found the timing to be pretty much the same.

Want to get some easy manuals no matter who you are using… Manual after an opener. I’ve found that these manuals are the easiest of all. Want another easy manual? Manual after a shadow linker. Again the window is pretty forgiving and you can use a heavy, light, or medium.

For example… Sabrewulf can use an HP manual right after Shadow Ragged Edge. He can also use a crouching HP manual right after a jump in attach, or a heavy slide attack.

I manual with everybody… granted, that doesn’t mean I’m great with everybody, as it takes a LOT of work to get the timing and spacing down with each character.

With Glacius you can use a medium manual right after a light Shatter.

Honestly and truthfully the best way to learn manuals is to go to Practice Mode and make sure that “Text” is turned on and try a few combos, but instead of using an Auto, use a Manual. Lights are always the easiest. Try them first, just to get a hang of it, and then go for more complex stuff.

Here is a short vid I made of myself learning a few Glacius Manuals… Granted Glacius can do a TON of cool things when you factor in Hail, but this is pretty much what my work routine is for Manual Training.

If you are having an issue with a specific character, I’d be more than happy to work with them in the lab and show you what I can come up with.

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I understand the basic rules of manuals: you can only follow up a linker with a manual of equal or lesser strength.

[quote=“WebNRaGnArOk, post:11, topic:5195”]
First thing to remember is that you can’t (in most cases) use a heavy or medium manual after a light linker, or a heavy after a medium linker
[/quote]I guess I just made this thread because I am struggling to properly execute Omens manuals when they are or equal strength to the linker. Light slide linker into light manual just feels borderline impossible and I have never been able to connect a standing MK after a medium slide linker. In fact, If I try a MP manual after a medium slide linker, sometimes it will perform an auto double so late that the AI actually blocks the double.

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I’ve always felt the light manuals after same strength linkers were more difficult than the medium and heavy ones.

Theory: It may have to do with the startup of the normals. If your character has a very slow heavy, this makes faster heavies easier to manual. And if the startup of all your characters heavies is roughly the same, you will have a more difficult time manualing the faster ones. And the slowest has the smallest input window.

Her fast mediums after jump rake seem to be one frame links, too. Try medium jump rake linker into crMK manual if you want to check for yourself.

Jago has this after laser sword linker, maybe. There’s a pretty big gap between the auto double cancel window and the manual cancel window on wind kick.

If your character has a close medium with 5 frames of startup, then light manual after light linker is a one frame link.

You could just use light auto doubles instead, though, since they’re also unreactable. You take on extra KV and progress the damage scaling by 2 instead of 1, but it’s a fine substitute.


OK, this explains a lot because Omen has a 5 frame medium. I feel better now that I know the reason I was screwing up (it’s a 1 frame link)

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I took Omen into practice mode and I found something strange. As with many other characters I’ve played with, I was able to get easy manuals (any strength) right after an opener, but when I tried to an a manual after a linker (any strength) I would get said manual hit, but it would read “Auto Double” however, there was only ONE hit. I’ll have to bring him back into the labratory and record this happening. It might just be the way the system is misreading it, just like how it does when Sadira does an Opener and the immediately does Recluse. The system reads it as a second Opener, of which SHOULD be unbreakable, but during gameplay it is fully breakable.

Manuals after openers are unrestrained by the manual after linker rules. For example, Jago can get a heavy manual off of every opener except his heavy wind kick. (And maybe his light laser sword…but seriously, who’s using light laser sword?)