Manual Tailflip Tech

So I’ve recently noticed some really interesting/buggy things happening with Riptor and her linkers. They seem to occur as a result of tricking the combo system into thinking that Riptor is not in a combo, while she very obviously is.

It first started happening when I would do some very specific resets, my medium linkers would instead act as their respective moves in neutral, as would the lights, and most importantly, the enders I did would not cash out damage. The heavy version of the move i used would instead happen. Also ultras would be replaced with shadow moves.

After some experimenting, I’ve found ways to re-enter the combo system mid combo, and thus could perform the proper enders or ultras. During the process I’ve also come up with some very interesting tech involving multiple tail-flips and very odd resets.

Using this tech online has made many people confused and multiple have personally messaged me to ask wtf was going on.

Anyways, here’s using it online. I hope you enjoy.

And here’s the same thing in practice. With a couple resets too to show that once you get the shenanigans going, they can still keep going after a reset.

I can’t really say this stuff is too viable, its very breakable. I find that it’s main use is to confuse the opponent into locking out and then going for a reset (most of Riptor’s tech) which can lead to a solid 70-80% after said confusion. Also out of the 5 ways I know of to make these combos happen, 4 of them are quite risky… so I dunno.

Discuss below.

Well all I can say is that none of that stuff is broken in any way.

Its confusing, its annoying, but its completely breakable and it seems like Jago can just DP out of it.

You can’t dp out of a combo, this stuff is all comboing

But it isn’t all comboing. You can see the KV meter and the Combo counter resetting.

Yeah this is an old bug she has. It use to be super easy to do when she first came out, you just predator canceled her crouching HP (which was amazing before they took away it’s plus frames) and bam, free openers and resets. IMO it’s great tech if you get it going randomly every now and then but it’s not worth actively trying to go for it too often since most people catch on pretty fast to what you’re doing and just hold forward block while waiting to break a light tail flip.

I would assume they require a HP beforehand? I think the combo system expires after a certain frame, even though your opponent is still in enough hitstun (which her flame attacks have a lot of) to manual a special move.

Shadow Jago can also manual a DP off of a few things, meaning he can go straight into ambiguous juggles, which I did here:!AFK0GeGaO8eZ3R0&cid=754EEEBD2CD23C85&id=754EEEBD2CD23C85!22354&parId=754EEEBD2CD23C85!833&o=OneUp

I will mention that it combos heavy tailflip as well, and medium. For some reason practice mode isn’t as consistent as in-game.
Still fun to look at.

Seems like shadow jags gets a really crazy amount of hitstun for his manuals. Super easy heavies and whatnot. Nice combo

those flips are breakable