Making up silly unwritten rules

So this is about the silly things you have heard your opponent say to you, please share your experiences. These are mine:

So I was fighting this player, he kept losing, somewhere in there he taunted me but he still lost, I consider him a good player , since taunting is part of the game it doesn’t bother me too much. But keep in mind, whatever you do to your opponent affects what he/she is going to do to you back, so I was planning on doing an ultra. This was already like 3 wins and 0 for him. So I start an ultra on him, he quits before I even finish. I tell him “u taunt but can’t handle being ultra’d?”

What I get is “a taunt is not equal to a double ultra.”

Well first of all I was playin Glacius, I had no Instinct, and Glacius can’t do more than 1 ultra without Instinct. Just as a taunt is part of the mechanics of the game, same goes for Ultra, but he said I was being disrespectful assuming I was gonna double ultra him and wasting his time with a “double ultra”

Another one, I used that pick up move with Gargos on another player, so I pick up, drop, pick up, drop, because that seems to frustrate some players who don’t even avoid it when they easily can, maybe add some hits in there. I believe he was an okay player but not on my level, because it seemed to me he had some potential. I tell him “fight back!” as encouraging him to fight. He tells me "I’ll start fighting good when you stop fighting bad. " I was actually fighting how I always fight.

Really, why do players make up these silly rules? Another is about “spam” but I’m not gonna get into that, spam doesn’t exist to me, except when it’s the food.

Because they can’t handle losing and are being butthurt. Simple as that.


Sounds like scrubquotes material to me. I’m guessing you play a lot of exhibition because that’s where I encountered that kind of behavior a lot.

In the end though, inexperienced players will say and make up anything to shift the blame of their loss off themselves. The good players will accept they were beaten, try to find out why, and work on fixing that part of their gameplan. It’s a major difference in attitude separating good players who want to get better from those wanna get online and win with minimal effort and feel like a big shot.

I don’t even really talk to people like that anymore, I more or less just go on to the next match. Unless they are willing to ask for help and learn, or accept the blame for their losses, they’ll never get better.

To be fair though, we all get salty from time to time, and I’m no exception. But you can either learn from it and move on or be upset by it and let it hold you back.

Scrub quotes. Simple as that.


I once played a good TJ player who thought using the corner was cheap.

He would let other players get out of the corner on purpose, and he would get upset if the favor wasn’t returned.


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I guess he doesn’t realize that you are suppose to use every advantage you know… to win. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was once called a cheater because I used Mira’s light bats to keep this guy out online lol

He was playing Glacius btw.

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As a Sadira main, I’m often told that I need to learn to play the game and I am garbage because I jump. :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd all this scrubby stuff seems to be popping up lately. I mean honestly I haven’t heard stuff like this as bad as it’s been lately since back in the mid 90’s when nobody knew how to play FGs and everyone thought it was cheap to sit back and throw fireballs ad nauseum and win via chip damage against someone that would just sit back and block them all.

…must mean KI’s getting in a new wave of fresh meat for the grinder. :slight_smile:


It pretty much happens with any online game.

For example, I’m a fan of Dark Souls, and the basic attack in that game is R1 (PS). If you’re fighting against an online invader, and you just mash R1 to keep swinging your weapon quickly and kill them, you’ll most likely get hate mail for being an R1 spammer, scrub, etc. You’re literally being scolded for attacking too much, haha!


Stopped playing Glacius in season one because some dudes would get so pissed because I wasn’t essentially letting them in. They’d complain because I wasn’t “using the combo system” if I used hail too much or repeatedly used lance when they’d jump toward me. Kept getting accused of spamming but to me, keeping people out is Glacius’ gameplan, regardless of how much I was using keep away tactics.

I dunno, maybe it was just because people were still new to the game or didn’t know what zoning was, but yeah, many of them seemed to have this idea in their heads that Killer Instinct was about combos, and I was breaking some unwritten rule by trying to keep them away. I mean, I used shatter too, but apparently that didn’t matter.


I never set back… I just mained the most broken character to ever exist, Kabal! Kick Dash Kick Dash dial up combo air juggle ground saw…

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Lol. As a Glacius main, I get this attitude from level 50 players sometimes, from season 1, season 2, and now season 3.

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I know it’s ridiculous. People complaining about somethjng that the developers put in the game for us players to use. I mean if “spamming” a move wasn’t allowed, then developers would’ve added a time limit between the repetitive inputs.

Seriously! To some people, zoning is a cheap tactic, or “playing like a ■■■■■” as I routinely made informed of lol.

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It can’t be all fresh players. Some of these people are long time members of this forum. I get this attitude from skilled players too. From my experience, many new players don’t Say anything, they just move on.

Lol, I hate fighting Sadira, especially when the player knows how to confuse me with that cross up double jump. I usually just jump kick every chance I get if I am seeing Sadira jump every chance she gets. I will always anticipate a jump from her. She is frustrating but I’d rather fight her than someone easy.

Damn, sounds like a nice person lol. Got that same kind of reasoning when I was just putting sand traps everywhere with Kanra. Said I am being disrespectful by playing like a d*ck and putting traps everywhere and being frustrating. When he used Kanra he hardly put traps out because he didn’t want
To fight disrespectful and he kept losing. So In order to teach me a lesson, he started fighting like me and won. And then messages me “see how it is when you fight like that? Not so fun.” So we’re not allowed to use Kanra the way he’s supposed to be used? Lol

He must’ve been a really bad Glacius player, since Glacius can start a combo from across the screen.

Yup. That’s the way I look at it when I lose to a frustrating fight or good player. But When I am salty, I don’t make up silly excuses or send my opponent hate mail. I just tell them ggs.