So this new movement just started a few hours ago.
Its basically about fixing the guidelines of youtube, and eliminating all those awful popular channels that get famous off of doing horrible acts.

This video is everything you need to know.

Part 1 is also worth the watch.

This guy has received over 300,000 more subscribers in the past month based off of his will to be a great voice in the youtube community. Please check him out.


Coincidentally, I watched part one last week.
Thanks for this. Was curious about part 2.

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I also just watched the debate between him and Joseph Costello on DramaAlert. Then i went and looked at what Joseph’s fans are like.

They are all a bunch of helpless inconsiderate A-holes. In the interview you can clearly see that something went wrong in Joseph’s life, and it has caused him to not have any emotions or common sense about right and wrong.

lol their is full blown p orn on youtube? never knew before this vid LOL

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Ha ha! That was really good! I want to watch part 1 now! Thanks!

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How do you think youtube would change if you had to pay to make comments?

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This guy is friggen AWESOME! I subscribed to him a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped watching since :slightly_smiling:

So funny yet so factual at the same


It’s 90% about one other youtuber that did something to him. I enjoyed part 1 for the drama but if you know the other youtuber (Tyrone) then it makes even more impact.