Make the new characters fun to play

Its your opinion.
The problem is not the tricks, its how the tricks works.

Like i said on examples, tons of chars have tricks and worked well.

Well, the direction.

Try read the first post again.

I find using powerful moves that drain my health and then trying to gain that health fun. Don’t like it? Well the rest of the characters have tricks you like so go for it.

Let me say again: Theres too much character like that.

Make a character, put their specials and done… Like orchid, jago, fulgore… And maybe add some plus, like jago health regen with projectile.

Sounds boring.


But what other characters really do that? Most of the cast doesn’t suffer from using specials. TJ just has normal attacks. So does Kan-Ra. Omen gains a lot of meter from doing so. What characters besides Maya and Mira suffers from using their attacks?

Sounds Killer Instinct.

Not only “suffers”, the gameplay is boring to play and play against. Like gargos, Killgore, Mira, Eyedol, etc etc…

In resume, id like characters more like s1.

And u guys are expecting a Samurai right?
Next character will be a Shang tsung like. A generic shadow using weapons from other characters.

Its the way ig make characters nowdays.

Take note.

too much charecters like that? what other charecter sacrifice their life for obscene damage and mobility like mira?

kilgore literally has 50% one chance combo from a grab along with other unique combo structure that other characters dont have.

using these unique charecters moveset to the fullest of their abilities is the fun part.

You say that like I should care. If it’s fun to play, what does it matter?


Yeah, but theres too much.

S1 is the only Season that i can say: “wow this is ki”.

Be happy with the next character when u kick and punch and need to grab your leg and arms on the floor.

If you are happy, thats fine, tastes.

Yo, Shang Tsung- Like character in KI? Sounds Legit. That would be kinda cool, knowing how talented IG is.

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throw daggers = lose daggers
throw a skull = lose a skull
do a special move = lose wrath
ask to be well modeled = get kim wu’s face

See, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for these characters either.


LMAO. You are amazing.

They can be talented, but the downhill is real IMO
Hisako was the only good thing they made imo.

infil plz :sob:


I already replyed that, reread the thread.