Make the new characters fun to play

Use specials = health loss
Use guns = overheat
Do a combo = change head

Tools like that must be a plus, not a loss. Its NOT FUN AT ALL to play with those chars.

And no, this is not how ki plays.
Look all old ki 1 and 2 characters, and ki 2013 season 1.

Maya, Spinal, hisako, kim wu are ok.

Fun games can be competitive too, you dont need that.

That’s why the new Ki battle direction is really bad.

Less is more.

I disagree.


How is overheat a bad thing? It does a lot of damage. Health loss isn’t a tool so not really a part of the discussion at all. Headswitch leads into insane combos.


Not on my planet. lol


Look Gargos! Lots of fun play against him right
Its great to play as mira competitively right

Ki is great, but a failure competitively.
And worse, with those chars its also boring to play just to have some fun.

Something needs to change.


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Not every character is going to appeal to every player. Welcome to fighting games.


Its part of discussion.
Name whatever u want, health loss is awful

What do u want next? A character that kicks and lost his leg?

If this is another of your troll threads, congratulations.

I agree, but have too much.
And have lots bettter way of doing that.

My troll threads? What u talking about?
U came here to say that?

At least be on the topic subject.

I would love to know what you’re saying, but your posts are incoherent.


It’s to make up for her amazing specials. If you want, just don’t use those specials and use the versions that drain no health. Plus you can easily regain that health.

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Ok, so just leave

Or try harder to understand.

I didn’t know i had a troll fame here…

Ehh… No they didn’t troll you. Just disagree with you.

I am curious to know why do you think KI is not fun?

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What if I told you that the unique characteristics of the characters make the game fun :smiley:


No, i said those character specifically!
I posted even some examples.

S1 is the goat imo, season 2 and 3 started to downhill with some serious boring characters, plus the bad battle direction.

Am I the only one lost in this discussion?