Make Killer Instinct an MMORPG?

How would you all imagine turning Killer Instinct into an MMORPG game?

You can create your own character with its own unique powers & fighting style.


I would love a spin-off to tell you the truth. Somewhat like a beefed up version of Mortal Kombat Deception’s Konquest Mode.

But to change the games direction entirely wouldn’t be ideal for so many reasons.

Make function how MK did shaolin monks. Action adventure game. Or like an RPG. Or even a beat em’ up. I don’t think a MMORPG would be the best thing.

PLEASE GOD NO. For the love of everything holy and pure dont shoehorn KI into the MMO genre.


Due to my lack of sight and the way these types of games generally work with accessibility, though I might sound hyperbolic in saying this I wouldn’t play it at all, unless of course it was fully access-complient from the ground up with screen readers and the like.

If there were to be a spin-off I’d prefer it to be a game that everyone regardless of access needs can play at least with some degree of fairness, kind of like how the HUD meter evened out the playing field somewhat when the audio cues were introduced.

Nah, i want mario kart with KI characters.

I would love to see a ki beat’em up like Guilty Gear Judgment.