Make Color 10 Hidden unless you own it

This way something that a lot of people aren’t willing (or unable) to get isn’t in our face all the time.

Do pretty much exactly what you did with Shadow Jago. If you have it then it showes up like normal. If you don’t have it you can’t even see it.



But then theres no point in having it. The whole point of unlocking colors is to show them off.

I ment you wouldn’t be able to see it in the character select screen. Obviously it should always appear in game.

You don’t think this comes off as just a touch childish?

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Well it works the exact same way with Shadow Jago. Do you think that is childish? Correct me if I’m wrong but that was something a lot of people complained about for a while.

I don’t agree with your assesment, if we’re talking about the colors shown when selecting your character, which seems to be the case.

If your opponent has color 10, you absolutely should see it, and I really don’t see how hiding it in the match would make any sense.

I think color 10 is likely to be hidden by default, as I don’t think Orchid’s Holiday Color shows in the list unless you have it - I own it so someone else would need to verify that for me.

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Speaking of the Holiday colors are they up for sale right now? I thought the plan was to only sell them during the holidays which we’re right in the middle of right now.

Well Max is streaming and has color 10. It has been in the game and you don’t see it in the character select screen if you don’t have it.

Mods you can close this thread.

@rukizzel Any word on holiday outfits returning? I need Elf Orchid in my life!

Perosnally I hope they only do this with Shago and justleave the color customization for the other cast as color 10.

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Its getting out of hand isnt it? lol… I dont think I need to read/comment on these posts anymore. Last one…

My answer to this post is NO…it shouldnt be hidden… why hide it? That’s basically the advertisement for the figure. 5000 is a lot… there isnt more than 5000 ppl here on this forum…everyone on this forum has a shot at getting the figure and color

I actually think keeping it hidden from the menu makes it cooler. If the goal is to keep it exclusive, keep those who don’t have it out of the loop.
I’m basing this off of my first experience with Shadow Jago. I was just a wee lad, playing my first few Sabrewulf games in Season 1 exhibition. I’d just bought the Ultra pack that week, and was starting to make the rounds. I’d fought the AI for a while and thought I knew everything there was to the game (silly me). Boot up my first online game and what do I see? "Your opponent is a rank 35 SHADOW JAGO."
Wait wtf?
Naturally, I freaked the ■■■■ out. I was getting bodied by a character I didn’t know existed. I had to go online and find out how and why this character existed.
“Exclusive to Day One members? Whaaat?! Man, people knew about this game before it came out?” That’s part of what drove me to dive into KI more, discovering the classic games and the hype behind the game through Maximilian’s YouTube channel. Over the next year or so, I lamented the fact that I was late for Shadow Jago, and couldn’t get him. Around the Hisako patch, though, I found one of the last Shago cards online just in time to get Jago to 50. Then the Shago fund happened. Now he’s a real boy…

Anyway, getting off track. I find that exclusives and secrets are much cooler the fewer people know how to get to them or how to find them. That way, when they do see someone with the exclusive skin, they don’t immediately think “oh, that guy bought that”, they think “HOW THE HELL DID HE GET THAT?!”

I think keeping things hidden from those who have not fulfilled the requirements of owning it works out in favor of both parties. It makes the people who have it seem even cooler since the method of obtaining the exclusive thing is a secret mystery, and people who don’t have it don’t have it shoved down their throats, nagging them with a show of incompleteness.
More importantly, it keeps both sides from being at eachother’s throats over it and helps keep the peace.

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If you look at it like that then i can agree with you…but I cant agree with those that want t removed just because they dont wan to pay the $ for the figure and claim it actually $ for the color

Like I said, I think the Holiday colors/accessories are hidden if you don’t own them, so there’s a likely precedence already.

If you don’t own them they shouldn’t show in your list when customizing or selecting a character, but if your opponent chooses it, you absolutely should be seeing it during the match.

Thats fine…I can live with that.

Speaking of… anyone know what the fre gifts are for he holidays on MKX? I seen a post on FB that said log in dalily for gifts?

Is it the full game version, or maybe only the MKX Mobile game? I believe Mobile has some daily login bonus attached to it.

ahhhh…that might be it…Im gonna go check on my lunch break

What a petty request…