Make a proper killer instinct 3

Could you please elaborate? I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Are you saying modern players don’t want to play competitively and they’d rather cheat their way to a win?
Because if you are, That’s not a trait unique to modern gamers. He’ll, That’s not even a trait unique to video games. Every console generation prior to the online era had some sort of cheat device (Game Genie, Game Shark, etc) that let you cheat your way to winning the game, or just scr3w around with the code and turn games into a precursor of Goat Simulator and just goof around with no point.

But just because there are some modern gamers that want to just goof around in games doesn’t mean there aren’t modern gamers that want to play competitively. That’s why Esports is starting to become a thing.

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And this isn’t a mash buttons get 90 hit combo game. So much technical skill is needed to perform. A few examples are:

  • Manuals: Makes combos harder to break and adds to skill.
  • Instinct: Several characters have game-changing Instincts (i.e. Kryll Storm, Eyedol’s Instinct), which can turn entire matches around.
  • One-Chance Breaks: Combos that are constructed in a manner where the opponent bas only 1 chance to break or else they gotta hold all that damage.
  • O.S.'ing: Option Selecting can totally be a good thing or get’cha blown tf up. A good O.S. after a given situation (throw, hard knockdown, wallsplat, etc.) can be pivotal to success
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Don’t know what to say about that game., but the gameplay of the old games are still a tad clunky. I don’t think it would hold up for today’s gamers.

The reason many of us still enjoy the old games because they were our childhood and beyond. heck I still play KI1 every now and then. heck, all I do is play as Riptor, and spam the heck out of Riptor’s Killer Combo in that game. and as a contest between me @JEFFRON27 its a matter of seeing who can stun the other and open em up for a combo.

On top of that, the old timeline for KI has been mostly retconned, plus making what you would defined as a proper KI3 doesn’t guarantee the return of Cinder, Riptor or even Thunder. Remember that in KI2 the characters are still stuck in a timeline with Gargos. Also, if I recall, Cinder and Riptor are still dead in that timeline. So you’d still run the risk of leaving the fans of those characters out in the cold unless you can find a way to write Riptor and Cinder back in.

I disagree with KI gold being the best: three human characters made the cast less diverse for one, but it did do right with some of the returning cast.

However I don’t KI’s oldschool gameplay and speed won’t do well in today’s gaming. Especially in most cases you can turtle and mix-ups don’t seem like you can do much in the oldschool KI.

Aside from reasons @justathereptile stated I don’t think the cast would be as wild and crazy fun without certain things like simpler counter breakers, counter-breakers and plus this game has the absolute most diverse cast and the only KI game to not just itnroduce new and exciting characters but also reunite the whole cast.

This may not be the “KI3” you want. But for game that had come back after 20 years of absence, it did alot of things right. Now it’s not perfect obviously such as thudner’s retro, some things could of been handled better and a number of the s1 retros could of turned out better to. But overall this game is fricken’ amazing and it does well enough in its own right as a KI game. It is a proper KI.

I agree with this one, lol. IG did a pretty good job but they did get a start with DH. But I think the seasonal model is what allowed for all that proper balancing to start with don’t you think? unlike most fighting games which usually have a giant cast and dev time can be baring down you’d have to do alot of balancing in the process to get that to work.


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Honestly if that were done, they could simply just have new characters take up those mantles, similar to how Fulgore and I believe even Galcius aren’t the same entities as their KI1 counterparts.

Not that I agree with the whole “proper” KI3 nonsense, but just saying.

@Iago407 I never get tired of your posts man. My feelings exactly.

I can do one more season before we start having to move on. Just hope the devs keep up with the cast of KI and see all of the oldschool and iconic new characters return. Guests though…gotta change them up for new ones or put offcial canon in their place.

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yes you could get away with the Riptor unit but how would you know if ultra-tech would bother giving the riptor project a second chance? The fulgore unit was still proven useful despite the loss against Jago

Lore excuses always come after game design (at least it should). The only real excuse they’d need is “because reasons” and go from there.
But anyway…cyborg dino could be a solution.

That may depend on how much damage was done to Riptor. For all we know they could just make another one that was smarter and more strategic than the original.That one emotion is what cost Riptor the match in death battle.

Death Battle has zero relevance to what development decisions are made.