Make a proper killer instinct 3

i still like the actual killer instinct 3, it is just that, it is not a great as the other killer instincts, look at killer instinct gold, the best game in the series, it was not a mash buttons and get a 90 combo game, it did have combos but it was a bit slower and required more skill than the newer games, i suck at fighting games, and this game is easy.

KI Gold is a watered down KI2 Arcade.


Yeah I think the original timeline was debunked, so I don’t think there will be a proper sequel.

Why cant we port ki 3 to the 360 , is that what you want sicko

As for gameplay, I doubt the slow gameplay of the old KI would be upto to today’s standards. People don’t want slow stiffness, they want fast gameplay. That’s why the gameplay of the old KI’s won’t work.

FYI: of all the old KI games I like the original arcade better.

But this new KI is in a league of it’s own.

We need a new KI, we have to let go of KI 2013, and we need it to be developed by Arcsystemwoks.

Or we could let IG develop a sequel since they already developed an incredibly competent, diverse and balanced game.

It really baffles me that people don’t get how impressive that actually is.


It is up to ms who develops any sequels. Ig could do if they have enough resources.

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Why people think KI Gold is better than KI2? it’s like saying “KI for SNES was the best!!” when you had the original one at the arcade (which looked amazing).

But I’ve never liked KI Gold as much as the arcade ones, so I’m totally biased.

PS: Once upon a time in 1994 I won a SNES in a drawing contest that took place in another city. Some guys of my town discovered I had KI for the SNES in 1995. They came to play some matches and I taught them the basics. But some weeks later they found a KI arcade and played it. After that they came to tell me “your KI is not the best, there’s one with better graphics in the saloon with big machines” and I was like…
(btw, I never said my KI was the best -__- Maybe I said the game was the best =D )

Note: Sorry, I wish I could make a meme with my real expression back then


Modern gamers want wallhacks, look at sniper elite 4, it gives you wallhacks

See, this is a thread about KI. Not about Sniper Elite. Can we stay on topic?

One more Season and then ill be ok with this after

Idk about the idea of a new season. Especially when so many other FGs came out recently (and a couple that were announced), such as Rev2, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and MvCI.

Just more Guest characters to choose from thats all I see that as

Well, KI’s now coming to steam, which could theoretically add to the player base. I know some people want something that’s prettier and newer and a sequel because that would generate more hype, but I have to ask… why is that the goal?

Why do we care how much other people like the game? Yes, survival is important and if no one likes the game, then the game likely gets shut down, I get that. But MS has stuck with this game since 2013. By all factual accounts, it’s doing well.

So why not get more seasonal content? Are better graphics or more consistency or whatever really that much of a deciding factor?

Don’t get me wrong, if they announce a sequel to this game, I’ll be happy. But some people seem to have this attitude that this game, a platform unto itself, should end because “it’s time.” Why is it time? Because new games are coming out? New games have been coming out for four years.

Is it because they look better? KI’s graphics can be polished. They did it with the stage lighting, they can do it elsewhere.

I guess I don’t get what people would expect from a new sequel that they can’t get out of a game that constantly iterates; that’s built to be upgraded.

Or maybe people just think a new game is more hype then a season. Thing about that is, for me at least, when I get a full game, I tend to play it until I’m sick of it and then I move on. Only rarely do I stay with a game for more than a few months. I’ve stayed with this game for four years.

I think part of that has been the seasonal model. Getting more digestible chunks of content rather than a full roster to learn right out of the gate. I personally prefer this model, but if they released a new KI, there’s really no ideal scenario for me.

Either learn a whole game from scratch and hope I like it enough to stick with it for more than a few months or get seasonal chunks again, in which case, what would be the point of starting a new game to begin with, and how much would I want to start over with eight characters again?

Sure, I’d be okay with either scenario, but three seasons in, I’m not sure why that’d be a necessary improvement over what they can do with the current game, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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Its prefrence just like any game. There is nothing wrong prefereng the console versions over the arcade.

If I had to take a pick for a guest character I’d ask for Ragna the Bloodedge.

There were a few benefits with the SNES version of KI…most notably they worked out some of the bugs with the combat system. For example: Fulgore’s nearly all HK combo almost always drops after the eye laser linker in the arcade version, but never in the SNES.

i was talking about modern gamers and how most modern gamers are idiots

I just asked that we stay on topic, is all.