Make a character overpowered with one Buff

Il’s start.

-Arbiter can now reload his Type-53 Carbine.


Give Cinder an unblockable attack that does 100% actual damage and 1 frame of startup (no meter) with a single hit with a hitbox as wide as the screen.

Do I win?


Maybe not make them as absurd as this. Thank you.

You didn’t really specify rules, but okay.

Make all Trailblazers and Afterburners + on block.

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Fulgore: Energy slowing attacks now speed up his reactor.

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Gargos can now summon minions for free.


Revert armor properties to s2.

And now, try to stop Aganos with his improved chunk management, or Gargos during instinct

Give Eyedol his old j.HP

Give Maya his old dagger ender


Omen receives 50% more shadow energy from all enders, all Enders do an extra 20% damage.


Make sabrewulf’s Eclipse +5 on block


Stop it

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Mira no longer consumes any blood

Aganos is no longer slowed down from having multiple chunks

Jago is back to his original Season 3 3.0 patch

Sadira has no limit on her jumps

General Raam’s Dagger is now 5x larger and so is it’s hitbox

Kim Wu can consume all 3 dragons to gain back all of her health. Yes, even is she had red health, doing this would give back green health.

While in instinct with Glacius any move that hits the opponent (even on block) will freeze them for 2 seconds. They cannot combo break during this time

Orchid can now throw multiple unblockable grenades

Hisako now has the walk speed of Orchid


ARIA’s bodies recover real hp while not in active use

TJ Combo’s command grab and all Powerline attacks automatically cancel into Tumble on whiff

Glacius can now create Hail which hover directly above and in front of his opponent

Spinal now automatically consumes a skull when he forward dashes in neutral, and it immediately gains a hit of armour

If any of General Raam’s Emergence specials connect with a projectile, he reflects it back at the opponent and it becomes his, retaining all properties

Rash’s aerial Wicked Tongue on block pops him back into the air and lets him use it again. His grounded version on block only pulls him a character width closer, and the pull can be cancelled into run or jump.

Aganos starts with 4 chunks.

You own me new trousers

Seriously, scariest change of the thread



Glacius’ s shatter recaptures.
That is all.

Maya’s shadow dagger throw always tracks and is unblockable

Rash’s tounge is plus on block

The explosion from TJs Last Breath is unblockable and stuns the opponent for 5 seconds making them unable to move or block

Riptor can spend meter to cancel Tail Flips on block recovery

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Jago gets his S1 manuals back


Jago recovers 2.5 points of health instead of 1.5

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