Major boost issue!

I was told that boosts stack on here and I bought two 3 days thinking I would get 400% instead of buying the nine days and they don’t double on Xp. I really feel like I was screwed out of a better deal because of what I was told on here…

Ok apparently it does work but it never says more than 200%

I’m pretty sure that usually when people ask if boosts stack, the answer usually refers to whether the purchased boosts stack with the Double XP Weekend events. They do apparently stack with those (I’ve never used the purchased XP boosts, just the weekend events, so I’m not the best source on that info) so you could use an XP boost during Double XP Weekend to get something like a 4x XP boost.

Not sure that the boosts would stack with other purchased boosts. I think each boost purchased simply increases the amount of time you have the boost.

The boosts only stack when a booster and double xp event is in play. Even then it only goes to 300% and not 400%.


When i had a boost and double XP both were 2x XP equaling 4x XP. But you cant buy 2 boosters and stack those…Im assuming that doesn’t work. But Boost and Double worked great for me. averaged 8500 per match

When they stack,it doesn’t mean 2x+2x=4x xp boost. It means you get original Xp 2x and original Xp 2xs.