Main Mirror Matches

I admit, in a way,I enjoy my main’s mirror matches.

How do you feel about them? Do you enjoy them?

I find mine rather boring actually (with Aganos).

I think it has to do with the character maybe?. Having tried Gargos mirror isn’t as fun as rushdown characters to me.

Raam mirrors are fun. Trying to stay in your effective range while staying out of theirs which is also yours makes you think more than you normally would.


I’m agree with you. RAAM mirrors is very fun. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I love using Heavy Emergence to catch the opposing RAAM pressing buttons.

Omen mirrors are STOOPID.

Sooooo many bubbles!

Aganos mirrors are fun IMO, very different from any other Aganos MU.

Raam and Kilgore mirrors are pretty fun, raam is probably my favorite mirror MU.

Right @KevBones10 ? :smiling_imp:

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Shadow Lord bless you. :smiley:

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I love Wulf mirrors, they always seem to end down to the wire.

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Tusk mirrors are as dry a match as there is in all of ki.

Kim Wu mirrors are usually kinda fun. Tend to start out like two people that cross eyes…circle each other a bit…then beat the snot out of each other.

And the cranberry sauce.

Hisako mirrors are balls. Knockdown pressure is an oppressive game of “you better guess right”…Sako doesn’t deal well at all with her own pressure.


Sadira mirrors are dumb. It’s like watching 3 min of air ballet dancing. You can literally go several seconds without one another hitting the other.


Me to! it’s like “ok her’es my fulgore/riptor/cinder vs yours!” When I see someone also mains a character I do, I call for mirror matches cause I wanna test their skill.

When I fight @Justatherpetile in a mirror match I suddenly just feel like a sibling to establsh who’s the stronger twin. I’d describe it as both playful and pretty messed up since I’m basically commuting virtual fratricide.


That’s actually why I don’t like it. Most of the cool stuff that Aganos can use effectively in other matches kind of goes out of the window…

Armor? Nope.
Walls? Falls down faster and can be stolen.
Payload? Slows you down to get it.

In any case, I do agree with the Kilgore mirror. So far, I’ve found those to be really fun. Two malfunctioning robots - which will go to junkyard this time?

Mira mirrors make me cry. So much meter watching and so much to keep track of


Kan Ra mirrors because it freaking CHAOS!

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Hisako mirrors suck, Eyedol mirrors are fun as hell for me, Thunder mirrors are also pretty fun, Arbiter mirrors are boring, and Rash mirrors are hilarious… some times we just taunt for a bit before starting the match.


When me and @Jeffron27 have our Riptor matches it ranges from being vicious fighters to two raptors just acting like well,