Mad Scientist character

We got Kan-Ra as a sorcerer mixed with some mummy traits, yet he’s NOT a real mummy. Just cursed with rotting flesh.

How do you picture a mad scientist in Killer Instinct? If this scientist was working for Ultratech or another corporation.

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I can imagine scientist being tasked to study Jago’s Tiger Spirit, and through his/her efforts he/she studies the spirits of other fighters around the world.

I don’t have all of the details figured out yet. But I do have a great idea for his character trait. The scientist has a move that can analyze his/her opponent’s fighting spirit (Shadow Transcription). Once the move lands, he/she gains a resource. He/she can use that resource to throw out his/her opponent’s projectile invulnerable shadow move while still being free to apply offense (Shadow Expression).

The char could use this ability to apply incredible pressure, mix ups, juggles, and difficult to break offense but his/her tech would be constrained to whoever the opponent is.

Example: Opener > Heavy Linker > Manual > Shadow Expression with free manuals > Mixup or Ender

EDIT: To expand on the thought, Wulf’s Shadow Expression might be more useful because his projectile invulnerable shadow move also recaptures and is an overhead. Jago’s Shadow expression would be relatively weak because it doesn’t have though properties.

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As I see Kan-Ra as KI’s Shang Tsung, how do you picture the scientist as KI’s Quan Chi?

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A mad scientist character would be neat no doubt. And yeah he could be like quan chi.

This mad scientist should also be the one responsible for leading Project: Cinder.

I would love that. Maybe like a more serious version of Dr Boskonovitch, or Kokokoe from BlazBlue: Someone that uses gadgets and chemicals in fight to make up for a lack of fighting skills.

Gadgets and chemicals are good.

Including a strong version of Dr. Bosconovitch. Maybe something like a mix of Mister Sinister and Doc Ock.