Mad Scientist/Alchemist

Has anyone thought of adding a mad scientist into KI?

While Kan-Ra is a sorcerer, Ultratech would have a mad scientist in their science divison, who learned alchemy.


Cause I feel empty.

What about Sabrewulf? His back story includes him performing experiments on himself to cure lycanthropy, and one of his costume sets is a sort of mad scientist.

I like the idea! I do not know and have no idea how it would be a cool character in that sense! Maybe a Solomon Grundy when transformed, despite “obvious”

Maybe go to a different and bizarre char when transformed, faster and long, not a strong one. A monster style Violator from Spawn maybe … KI could have a fat char - slow, tired, weak… and when he turns into a monster… - thin, fast and long range

The mad scientist can be someone as an archenemy of your detective. Think Sherlock Holmes vs James Moriarty.

  • Victor Frankenstein
  • James Morarity
  • Mister Sinister