M@ss Effect: Andromeda

Seriously, I can’t write Mass in the title, because it contains the word @ss! Whauw. XD

This game is coming soon and I am excited for it!

I am personally more into fantasy than sci-fi, but Mass Effect is a series that’s kept me interested. Not to mention Bioware also made Dragon Age, a series close to my heart.

Now with the conclusion of the main trilogy, Adromeda takes place after and instead of Commander Shepard, you now play either of these twins who apparently have been in some kind of stasis sleep through all that happened with Shepard and co.

I’m rather excited to see how the world of Mass Effect has changed since the ending of Mass Effect 3… which ALOT of people in the community agree on was really bad made.

Any of you guys looking forward to this?


im looking forward to it, i think it might be good. im gonna wait to see how it performs on the computer first though, AAA gaming tends to ■■■■■ that up alot. like ghost recon atm is a total nausea inducing stuttering clusterfuck. didnt like dragon age 1 though, was too linear and upon approaching one of the characters for a side quest they wanted me to swipe the debit card. fuckk right off bioware. i did like inquisition though, until witcher 3 came into my life lol

I’ve only recently gotten into the mass effect series about 2.5 months or so :slightly_frowning_face: but from that short time I’ve fallen in love with the series. I cannot wait for it to release even though I fear the story will not be as good as the original trilogy the gameplay alone is enough to draw me in. I’ve been keeping myself away from as many new videos as possible to avoid spoiling it, this game could not release any ■■■■■■■ slower lol.

If things work out financially for me this week, I’ll have enough for my pre-order to go through.
I’m hyped for this game, though I’m gutted the paragon/renegade options are gone. I understand their reasoning behind it and I suppose I’ll live with that decision.
The upgrade in combat they’ve shown looks sick, I can’t wait to start space boosting (biotic charge) foes once again.

Man, I’ve been seeing some clips of this game and the dialogue scenes look like kind of a rushed mess. It’s like ME3’s cinematic ambition with ME1’s animation quality + even more odd faces and jankiness. Also hearing that most of the side-quests are as vapid as in Dragon Age: Inquisition. :sweat:

I was hyped for a sequel mainly to see if they could expand the lore since 3, then saw some stuff about glitches , bad CGI and …ugly girls, so yeah i guess i’ll hold my horses.

I’ve been playing for a while now, and I thoroughly enjoy the game. It’s so much fun! My only gripes with it is the lack of gay male romances and that the characters’ eyes sometimes flicker to the sides, like they’re moving too fast. I haven’t had any other janky graphical glitches yet though.

Oh, and the character customization is SEVERELY lacking compared to Dragon Age: Inquisition… what the f#ck happened there, Bioware?! XD
Seriously, it’s so bad…

So I chose the default male face for Ryder, which actually looks cute. I also used the default face for Shepard for the same reasons. It’s too bad though, because DA:I’s character customization was really good! Sure, you could only remodel the facial area and not so much the body-type, but you had different races to choose from then. If you wanted a big buff guy, you went with a qunari. And if you wanted a skinny little dude, you went with an elf. Short fat dude, go dwarf! And same with the female options.

You are restricted to be only human in ME:A though, so they should have at least kept the CC from DA:I… It’s a disappointment.

But it’s a beautiful game, the gameplay is good - even one such as me who don’t play FPS games AND the fact I am playing it on PS4 (I kinda need my mouse and keyboard, but my laptop wouldn’t be able to run the game) can still have a good time with the game without too much trouble. Just glad that there’s aim-assist. XD

The story is also very interesting this far. I won’t go into it to avoid spoilers, but the story has captivated me so far and I hope it will continue to do so.

I customized my face slightly and my Sheppard’s face is basically broken. When he blinks he appears to have two lumps above his eyes. His eyelashes are also noticeably detached from his eyelids. Under a bright light the shading goes awry.

This also happens for the face of some NPC characters. But nobody on your squad at least. It just seems to be areas overlooked or not given enough time. Also, some characters do “fish lips” while talking. In certain scenes your character will walk in an extremely weird way. With his chest forward and his butt way back like an ostrich.

It’s a great game otherwise but these gripes become REALLY distracting

ive seen the animations clusterfuck on youtube all over the place. i am not gonna be buyin the game because ill just focus the buggy animations and lol

My People \ :persevere: /


LOL @TheNinjaOstrich always the joker man, hope you been good!

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My face is tired

Figured the context was relevant enough to post here. So I am interested in Andromeda, though I am the type of person who likes to delve into the lore before going into the newest installment, with the exception of The Witcher.

Question is, does the gameplay get better after the first game or am I in for the long haul with gameplay that did not age well? I enjoy the story telling, characters and setting. But, as soon as gameplay whether shooting, driving or even walking pops up, it immediately becomes a drag to get through.

Anything about gameplay I should know for the following two? Anything in general for a newcomer to Mass Effect to know?

Gladly appreciate any input.


(15 Chars)

The gameplay, particularly combat, gets much better in the sequels.

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Im only human after all

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Bioware addressing the problems:

they got ALOT of work to do lmao

Thank goodness for that Skip option for the Autopilot sequences… I probably would have been almost done with all the side quests already lol

i am not touchin this damn game with a 15ft halberd

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