Louder Laser?

Just thought it’d be great if audio could be tweaked in Fulgore’s ultimate so that the beam could be louder. As it stands now the regular in game dev beam is louder and sounds more menacing whereas the Ult beam looks enormous but needs the volume to be cranked up to 11 compared to how it is now. The other ults sound fine to me as far as volume is concerned but I wonder if others feel the same


I actually agree with this. It doesn’t sound really powerful. It looks powerful but sound wise, it is weaker than the normal beam.


Just add Fulgore shouting “Ultraaaaaaaaaa!!!” and we are set.

yeah, if there’s one complaint i have with the ultimates, it’s that the sound levels are a little wonky. some moves hit louder than they look, and some of the loudest moves have just a simple hit sound to go alongside them. the hits, lasers, etc. should all sound BIG.

for example, Tusk’s ultimate could easily be enhanced (even though it’s already fucking awesome) by upping the volume (and maybe adding some reverb) on the stab into the ground and when he stabs the opponent, maybe some sick echo or something too.

Well after seeing how they tweaked Riptors flames in her ultimate, I’m hopeful that they’ll find the time to fine tune stuff like this in the future as well :slight_smile:

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Agreed. It should sound, if possible, even more powerful than the existing hype/dev beam, with emphasis on the powerup as well.