Los Angeles area, Lets have a KIWC Viewing party!

So I am crushed over not being able to make it to Killer Instinct World Cup/KICon 2017 this weekend, but like most things, I am trying to find a way to turn things around.

So I was thinking, maybe there are others like me in the area who are also going to have to settle for the livestream in order to experience the event, if so I’d be willing to get together and have a LAN party at my place (Glendale/Burbank) or somewhere like Howie’s Game Shack or the Esports Arena in Santa Ana where there are tons of available consoles/space to play. If nothing else maybe this thread will give those who missed their shot this year some shoulders to cry on/new friends to beat up on. I will be playing KI all weekend I’m sure, since I have a bunch of friends attending the event who will no doubt be making me crazy jealous/hype via social media.

One things for sure, It’s gonna be an awesome weekend. :smile:

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra