Looking for Sparringpartners

Hello everyone,

i’m fairly new to KI (~2 weeks playtime) and absolutely fascinated by the game and want to improve. I’ve been playing fighting games competitively since Ultra Street Fighter IV came out. Unfortunatley nobody in my local scene is playing KI.

I would like to play longer sets against more experienced opponents from time to time. This was the thing that speeded up the learning process in USF4 aswell. Even though i will probably lose the majority of the games, i still learn a lot from that and having people around to chat about the game is gonna help too. In the words of James Chen: “Always play to learn, not to win.” :smile:
So if you want to help a new player out feel free to add me on XBL. (Gamertag: Goldbaum)

I’m located in Germany, so i guess the connection will be good to everybody from Europe. I’m pretty sure i played people from the US with a good connection too (thanks to the amazing netcode), so don’t hesitate to add me when you from overseas.

Thanks everyone you is willing to help me out.

Have a nice weekend.


Hey, I’m from Germany as well. I’m by no means a pro but always trying to improve. So maybe we can have some good matches. GT: fenderflix

I’ll send you an add when I get home from work tonight, about 9 hours from now. GT: mine is broken :smile:

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I’m from Poland and while not a great player (gold league), I have my moments and would love to play some extended sets, even though I have very little time to play these days. My tag is ShabuWL and I currently main Shago; will add you after the weekend (all about the SFV beta this Saturday and Sunday).

Good to see new people wanting to get better! I’m from the Netherlands ad I always prefer to play longer sets in order to learn match-ups and exhibition is filled with people who seem to have a lot to prove instead of improve. GT:TimelessVisions. I’ll add you when I get home.

I’m not pro but certainly decent. I main Sadira and Hisako.

Anyone may add for sets, always welcome! I will never put down or be disrespectful against anyone, especially when they do try to get better.

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that’s actually a really nice and (sadly) true quote. looking forward to play you.

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I have still to add you. I have been very inactive during the holidays, I’m getting back into the game this evening.

Same for me.

But thanks for adding me the other day. I hope we can get some games in soon.

I’m still looking for more players to play some exhibition matches, so if anyone is interested feel free to add me.

Dang, this completley slipped my mind. I’ll bookmark the thread and add you guys the next time I’m playing KI (probably on the weekend).

Going to add you guys so that we can get some games going soon!

I’m always game for sparring.

GT: ZanyFiddler