Looking for some guidance

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to the KI scene and I decided to come here for some help. My problem is picking a character to main.

In past fighting games (MKX and MK9, SF4, and Injustice),I mained and really enjoyed Mileena, Sektor and Jax from MK…Bison, Zangief and Dudley from Street Fighter… Joker, Bane and Green Lantern from Injustice

So now I’m here trying to learn this game, but I’m having trouble picking a character that fits my style (not even sure what my style really is).So I come to you guys looking for some guidance based on the characters I listed…any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance.

My advice is to go into survival or training and try them all. Just like Pokemon, gotta try them all…well similar to Pokemon.

I will say, I was an M.Bison player in Street Fighter 4 and in the SF5 beta, and I play Cinder. I also feel like if you enjoy grappling like Zangief, Thunder has some pretty good gamestyle for you to try as well, and I’ve played as him too.

Do note though, that while every character has different specials, different normals, and different mechanics to open a person for attack, the combo system is very easy to use and works universally the same across all characters. It’s the unique juggles, specials, and mechanics that really separate each cast member, so it’s more or less not finding the person with the best combos, but the best way to open the opponent for the combo system. However, the universal combo system makes it much easier on you to have multiple mains, like I enjoy playing Cinder, Shadow Jago, Jago, Thunder, Hisako, and a tad bit of Omen.

Really though, if you have all characters available at your disposal, and the time on your hands, try them all, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find that one. Most of us have more than one main, so you should try to pick up a few different characters to cover all the basics.

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If anything, you should stay away from multiplayer modes until you feel you’ve gained a good understanding on the character(s) you’ve chosen. Also, Jago and Ripor are good beginner characters.

I second @IronFlame suggestions. Try them all and get a “feel” your character good luck.

Based on the fact that you seem to like some of the bigger, grappling characters in other fighting games, I’d recommend taking Thunder or Hisako out for a spin. But your tastes are pretty varied overall, so there are a number of characters you might like in KI. I’d take a look at some tournaments or streams sometime and see if anyone you see speaks to you.

Welcome to the game :slight_smile:

I second the opinion of @IronFlame because of what happened to me personally.

For me a character has to “click” and so far I wasn’t able to identify a common denominator for what kind of characters I prefer. In SF I usually favor shotos but in KI I simply despise Jago. Fulgore is ok and currently my main but after season 3 I’m having the most fun with Aganos, of all characters.

Entering survival mode and just playing with them seems a good idea. Ultimately don’t worry too much about the character that will get you most wins, instead look for a fun character. After people discovered some cheap strategies with Kan-Ra for example I tried to use him, but he never clicked with me, I could learn the cheap strategies but never had fun doing them in a real match.

That’s the struggle man. Like everyone said just gotta keep trying new things and different modes. I’ve been playing since launch and still sometimes find it hard to settle on a main. You’ll get there. Do some research on the characters that interest you watch some videos to find a playstyle that fits. Best of luck man.