Looking for Omen sets?

Is anyone available for a ft7 or ft10?


I will be here in about 30 - 40 mins HIt me up on XB around 11:15 am central

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i’m free right now if youre still looking

i’ll add u @hippie103

will do!

Im on but the game is dropping frames like hell! Even switched 1080P and still dropping like crazy. I cant take this game serious right now. So we can play for fun but I dont expect the game to act right at all.
Im running Ethernet line at 110mps so its not lag…its the frame drop issues


I’d love to, though I feel like I’m a pretty quick download :slight_smile: I saw you added me, I’ll message ya each time I plan to be on for awhile.

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i hadnt had any major issues today. did u do all the resets … reset the game and/or hard reset the xbox?

Man Ive done it ALL…Im even working with one of the Devs to help find the issue. Ive done many many tests. Its an XBox X 4K patch issue. It doesnt effect PC
Some days are worse than others…yesterday being one of those days. You can look at my xbox clips to see how bad it is.
I really think it has to do with OMen, and characters with a lot of effects on the screen

Any omen players available for a set?

I’m probably gong to be on this afternoon, i could play some Omen with you

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