Looking for new people to join growing youtube channel to stream/upload/etc

Hey guys, my name is Jeramy Burke. Otherwise known as hyperpyro12345 or Hellfire on youtube. I own a youtube group called Dark Dimensions we currently have 63 subscribers and we do full gaming streams and videos that are edited by me. We are not afraid to be explicit but we also have some innocent people in our group as well. At this point we as a group have decided to look for new diverse members for multiple reasons: 1. Lack of communication from current members 2. Members quiting or not being as into youtube as they were before 3. The need to expand. We are looking for brand new members with a few criteria (its ok if you dont fit all)

-Is humorous and doesn’t get offended easily
-Between 14 and 28 years of age
-Has access to multiplayer and has working internet/enough to stream and many multiplayer games/games (especially overwatch if you can)
-Is not afraid to put in hard work for a long time for a goal in the future
-Has access to social media and outlets
-Is able to keep business and social matters separate
-Is able to work well with others

The rest is pretty self explanatory! If you would like to see what are channel is like id suggest the video, "overwatch sweet and salty with hellfire, darkstar, and Code-0. And if you would like to meet the crew or are interested in joining please text in the comments or text me directly. Thank you for your time!